Listening to the explanation that the media was given this week as to the happenings around the death of terror architect Abu Musab al-Zarqawi left me feeling elated and disappointed.

I was elated at the fact that the world became a little brighter. Anytime a blight like Zarqawi is removed from the planet, it is a time for celebration and hope.

What an amazing spectacle it is, though, to watch American armed forces having to tiptoe around their respective publics, reassuring the same that they were ‘nice’ to the above noted mass murderer. This is the free world, after all, and even evil is treated with kindness here.

I think back to the two Taliban corpses that were burned to quench the stench (didn’t mean to rhyme that time) in Afghanistan last year. Unable to bury the dead and unwilling to give up their hilltop because of it, American troops did the only thing they could. They burnt the bodies of the dead men to prevent them from rotting in the 90ยบ + heat. There was, of course, an international outrage. How dare these infidels desecrate the bodies of two muslims! Where was the kindness we were supposed to show these men? I wonder what the bodies of the people inside the World Trade Center ended up looking like? The fact is that some of those bodies were not even able to be located. Some of the body parts are buried with rubble as they were indistinguishable from it by the time the clean up was completed.

Accusation and speculation over how al-Zarqawi was treated after the attempt on his life are almost laughable. I guess that I am going on record here as saying that I think there is a point where one should no longer necessarily be afforded the same human rights as the rest of the world. There is also a point where one no longer meets the criteria to be labeled a human.

For al-Zarqawi and people like him, people are nothing . We have no rights nor eternal consideration. We are the devil, the infidels, and the one’s who stand in the way of the men who would tyrannize their own blood. We must remember what this animal did for a living. He was proud to be the designer of death and suffering. He assembled plots and weapons with the intent to kill and maim and to cause terror in the hearts of his enemies. His enemy was decidedly us, but oft times included muslims as well. Muslims were apparently fair game as long as they were the right type of muslim, mainly Shiite.

Yes, even Shiites were acceptable recipients of the shrapnel of the devices that al-Zarqawi was so proficient in designing. This man was self-admittedly proud of what he had done and continued to do. As a self-confessed homicidal psychopath happily on the path to his imagined paradise, there was no need of any tribunal or trial to condemn him. He did that himself openly and publicly. Only the left in our land would have still felt the need to give him a lawyer.

Personally, as I said at the top, I am a little disappointed in American forces on the ground around this incident. Don’t get me wrong. I am happy that the two bombs dropped from the F-16 fighter jets found their mark. I am happy that the mark was successfully erased. But I must say, my elation goes further.

I am jubilant that the reports state al-Zarqawi recognized American forces while on the stretcher. I am also glad that he wasn’t killed instantly. Why should he get off suffering when so many of his victims have not? Still wondering why I am disappointed?

I guess I would have liked to have seen the American troops being videotaped holding him down on the ground and then proceed to hack his head off while he was alive. That would have been so al-Zarqawi. What better compliment could be paid to a man who so often was seen in video footage doing the same to others? I wonder if he would have had the same look of terror on his face that the victims of this atrocious method of his so often did.

If I sound a little vengeful, that is not the intention. The thing that is eating me is that we are so intent to be nice. It is time that we stop trying to afford these lunatics all of the same respect that decent human beings deserve.

Back to the muslims whose bodies were interned by flames in Afghanistan last year. Muslims decried the bonfire as sacrilegious. They cried that the bodies were supposed to be buried in accordance with muslim custom. Rubbish, I say. Let’s start to bury them face down. That is the direction they are headed in, anyway.

Let me ask those outraged individuals this. When a homicide bomber kills himself in the name of his false God, what is done with his body? Not too much, I would presume. You can’t rearrange pieces that small. Just what direction do the dead who have blown themselves up face in? Apparently it is okay to desecrate their own remains.

For people who hack the heads off of their own victims while they breathe and who willingly watch young, helpless children of their own kind bleed and cry because of their own deeds, there should be no standard of treatment.

One last note. The reports that have surfaced by a few trouble makers that reported seeing al-Zarqawi beaten by American troops have now been substantiated as being totally false. What a shame.

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