Since the birth of our country, our laws have been founded on Judeo-Christian values. This is, of course, because most of our earliest lawmakers and leaders were Christians by faith. Most, if not all, of the countries inhabitants at that time were God fearing, and adhered to the laws and wisdom of the Word of God.

I mean not to preach, as I would like this website to stick to political and philosophical issues, but I believe that there is a dynamic in play that is never discussed in our mainstream media. The reason that I bring up this subject is because it is important to understand where we have come from, what the reasons for our laws are, and why they don’t seem to work today.

There was once something called ‘The Golden Rule.” It was taught to children all over this land, and it was a simple precept. It consisted of the words, “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.” It was a biblical concept, the same as “Love Thy Neighbor”. For the most part, Canadians, regardless of denomination, followed the commandments of God, and taught their children the same.

Of course, there were still criminals, corruption, and violence, but nothing on the scale that we have today. Another thing that is missing today is common courtesy. Apparently we don’t teach that anymore, either. I am amazed at how ungrateful people today have become. There isn’t a day that goes by that someone whom I hold a door open for simply walks through it without even a thought of giving a courteous ‘thank you.’ I usually deal with this by loudly saying ‘You’re Welcome.” on my own.

As much as I try not to let it get to me, it irks me all the while. I am profoundly saddened that we take not the time to teach our children the fundamental things that have made us such a grand nation, like a love for each other, going without for someone else’s sake, giving of ourselves, gratefulness, thankfulness, politeness.

I am often told how polite my children are. There is nothing out of the ordinary about them, except perhaps that their parents expect courtesy from them, and we practice it and teach by example. We must be an odd lot.

Every time one of our politicians states that they believe in God, they are ridiculed, labeled as a threat to our freedoms, and ostracized and belittled by the media. The thing that is peculiar about this is the fact that the same media goes on and on about youth gangs, crime, corruption, murder, divorce rates, a failing economy, school shootings, violence in films, and the list is endless. After each rampage they sit and ponder and ask the question “why?”.

The only thing that will ever turn our country around is for our citizens to once again embrace the values and the principles that their laws were founded upon. A nation whose laws were founded upon the Bible, upon Judeo-Christian values, will not be able to function if her people discard the same. Our laws and precepts were based upon our citizens being morally upstanding, honest, and having integrity and character.

Society’s woes are not always the fault of government, as government is only made up of its peoples, and will share the values of its citizens. Our society will fail when we start to discard the idea of right and wrong, when we are no longer able to teach our children truths that have been proven.

Our youth have no leaders, no answers, and therefore, no hope. The rules are always changing, like the wind. What was wrong yesterday is alright today. When we look for justice, we see the laughing stock which is our criminal justice system, as there is little justice in it. The sentences handed down seldom reflect the evil of the crime, just ask someone who has lost a relative to violence, or a woman who has been violated. Her life will never be the same, yet the offender can smirk knowing he will be free very soon.

A nation that discards its founding principles, and its faith, cannot remain a free nation. A people who do not believe in a higher being, or the ultimate judgment, have no reason to honor their neighbors, nor to be honest, forthright, or compassionate. They have no deterrant. That is why we have the problems that we have today. The only thing that will stop it, short of going back to the values we started with, are laws that become more and more restrictive, thus the loss of many of our freedoms.

So, the answer to the question “Where Are We Headed” is not a happy one.

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