The reality of our time is that we are losing the war. It may not have been lost yet, as the title of this article suggests, but there is little evidence that our slide into socialism is going to stop or even slow noticeably. Our peoples do not seem to have the information that they need to make the sound choices that will ensure that their children and perhaps even themselves will continue to remain free.

Many men have fought and died for our freedom. Not because it was something to do, and not because they had to. More men have chosen to fight for freedom than for any other cause. It is a cherished commodity, but it is not freely given. In fact, freedom is never given, it is only taken. We can take it for ourselves, and protect it. We can guard it with our lives, or we can neglect it, only to awaken one day to find that it has been taken from us. The choice belongs to each one of us.

Many speak of the good that trade agreements do for our respective countries. The proponents are speaking in economic terms only and fail to mention that which we must relinquish in the bargain. You see, when men covet wealth over freedom, they will surely in the end lose them both. It is only by remaining free that we can have wealth. Have you ever seen a prisoner become rich? There was a point when both the U.S. and Canada were self-sufficient. Economic blockades would have had no effect on either of us had they been imposed by an aggressor nation. We have allowed socialist environmentalists to dictate energy policy to the point where the United States is now dependent on foreign countries for something as necessary as energy. This need not be so and is very dangerous for a country that embraces self-determination.

The government of Canada is another cause for concern. While we still proclaim to live in a democracy, this is clearly not so. On the surface, we can indeed cast a vote for the leader of our country. That is as far as it goes. Our Senate is not elected, but is appointed by the person running the country. This is not democratic. Our House of Commons was formed to give the commoners, you and I, the voice that we demanded in the affairs of state of our land. The premise was that each riding would elect a Member of Parliament. Each MP would have an equal vote.

In theory, this still exists, but in practice, it is dead. Our leaders, for the most part without exception, use party ‘whips’ or enforcers to ensure that each MP votes as he or she is told to. This again is not democracy, and places our freedoms in peril. It allows the one person who holds the position of Prime Minister to become a dictator, taking the country in the direction that he or she wishes it to go. To be fair, I must point out that their power only comes about because of the cowardice and lack of conviction or moral fibre of most of the MP’s that you and I, the citizens, elect. We just don’t make very good choices. This, of course, is helped along by a media who castigates anyone with ethics.

The government of the United States, under Bill Clinton, signed onto the GATT treaty through the World Trade Organization. This was a treasonous act by all who took part. It in effect took away the rights of the Senate to veto or to even amend any decisions that the WTO handed down. It took the power out of the hands of the people.

Our representatives have come to think that they are entitled to their positions and they treat the bulk of us as ignorant and unworthy. We are considered lowly and uneducated, thus they make decisions that we decry, stating that they know better. They rule with an arrogance they no longer attempt to disguise, and we allow it. Time and again we re-elect the same men, men without courage or substance.

Our press loves the anti-war crowd, and sees fit to give it as much airtime as it can. Long ago, men and women would not have succumbed to the emotional circus that this movement is. The U.S. is not an empirical force, but a sovereign one that is willing to protect its interests at home and abroad. To stand around and preach about peace without being prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice is the height of arrogance and hypocrisy. Nobody likes war, not even President Bush. It is, unfortunately, ultimately necessary should a nation wish to remain intact, defended, and free.

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