Our rights to freedom are also being eroded under the guise of anti-terrorism. While I believe that we need to be more flexible with whom we can arrest and question, the ability of the government to detain a person indefinitely on suspicion of a crime is about as anti-American and anti-Canadian as it gets. We have always had protection from the state in this regard, but as a knee jerk reaction to an imminent threat, albeit a real one, we have allowed our rights to be taken away. As I have acknowledged the need for some restrictions in times of national security, I believe that these measures must be made to expire quickly, so that those in power must continue to be made to prove a reasonable threat is imminent. The laws that we have now have been called temporary, but then again, so was the income tax act.

Our sovereignty is another issue. The whole point of sovereignty for a democracy is for a people to be able to dictate the ways in which they live and to be able to govern themselves with laws that they feel are just and adequate. The state is not the last word, but simply the device by which we arrive at the ends that a majority wish to reach. Sovereignty encompasses more, of course, such as one’s ability to protect their nation, its land, air space, and shores. For Canadians, we are no longer able to defend ourselves, but must rely on the rest of the world. At the present, Canada would be hard pressed to repel an invasion from Sweden, let alone a major force. To be lulled into such a complacent state of mind is a truly foolish and dangerous thing, but we are there now. We are, for the most part, here for the taking.

Our American neighbors have been wiser in this regard, but even there, there are those who scream for peace. They realize not that peace depends on a means of defense, one that they just happen to possess. The United States has remained uninvaded not because of the goodwill of other nations and rulers, but because their leaders had the foresight to see the danger and foolishness of being complacent and unprepared. Americans are only still free because of that.

Sovereignty is something that is fought for, and something of value to be protected. It gives us the right to say what happens on our soil, who can live here, how they will live, and in which way and under which laws it will be governed. We have chosen to live in a constitutional monarchy in Canada, and in a Republic in the United States, in which the people’s voices can be heard. While this was the premise our founders had, it is not always so any more. It is being undone.

In 1945, the United Nations was formed. While it was brought about under the guise of world peace, it is anything but a benign organization. The United Nations, founded by communists, has been using its power for the last 50 years to undermine the democracies of the world. In its view, democracy is a bad thing and undermines the ultimate goal, a world communist government. Within this goal is the attempt to undermine the sovereignty of the West, whereas we will be just a part of a bigger picture, and nothing unique. That is happening as we live.

With the United Nations and the World Trade Organization,. enemy nations and those with a different foundation began to wield power over us. This was only attained by the folly of our own elected representatives. Our leaders began to sign treaty after treaty with the world bodies, eroding our constitutionally protected sovereignty, and nobody raised the alarm.

The World Trade Organization has tremendous power over the rights of nations to govern their own trade and industry. Once a part of GATT, member nations lose their legislative power over their own goods and services for the most part. The people no longer have a voice which comes from the people that they elected. There is the World Bank, dictating policy to its member nations and to those that it ‘helps’. We have Free Trade Agreements, while on the outside may look good, do nothing to protect our own citizens.

Take for example the ongoing trade dispute between the United Parcel Service and Canada Post. The government of Canada is being sued because of its network of postal services. It seems that UPS believes the government of Canada is costing it profits by delivering parcels using its monopoly framework. On the surface, this seems like just another dispute, but it actually is a clandestine attempt for a corporation to usurp authority over a foreign government, and NAFTA gives them the means to do just that. NAFTA tribunals are held in secret, behind closed doors. The people of Canada have no say, and the NAFTA tribunal is final. It matters not what it rules, the people we elect have no recourse, lest they pull out of the trade agreement.

Therein lies the danger. When our elected officials sign treaties with other nations that make the will of the people of this country null and void, we have a serious problem. When our Senate and House of Commons no longer have a say in the most important issues in regards to our trade, we have given away our birthright. We now are beholden to foreign and corporate interests, and we must put a stop to it.

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