Have you ever wondered just exactly why you are in such a big hurry? Does life dictate to you how fast that it passes by, or do you dictate to it? For the most part, the world is on hyper drive. While some people thrive on the tempo, I think that most abhor it. Maybe that is why so many of us flock north out of the city on the weekend, creating a spectacle on the highways that looks like a Hollywood set, with an entire city fleeing an inevitable nuclear strike.

The next time you drive, I challenge you to make a concerted effort to slow down a bit. It takes a great amount of mental will, especially if you have a heavy foot, and I think that you will be shocked at just how hard it is to do. At first, you will feel as though you will never get where you are going, but after a while, the speed sensors in your brain will adjust, and you will again feel like you are moving. It is all relative.

Now comes the neat part. Once you have mastered your own brain and can control the speed at which you drive, you will suddenly notice how out of control all of the other folks around you seem.

Being Friday yesterday, people were in more of a hurry than usual. I saw two near collisions, both at intersections, because people were moving too fast. The humourous part is, that both accidents nearly occurred as the drivers were approaching a red light.Can someone tell me what the prize is for getting to one of those first?

It seems as though no one has any patience or courtesy on the road today, which along with no enforcement is the reason for most road rage. Would it really kill you to slow down? Would it hurt to yield to some other driver trying to make a left hand turn? If you are approaching a red light, would it matter?

The human mind is very intriguing. I used to race around town, but now I set my pace a little slower. It frustrates some, but I know that they are in a big hurry to go nowhere, probably to get to that red light I was talking about. I still find it difficult, however, to not accelerate when someone starts to pass me. It takes some getting used to, but now when I have to drive on the highway, I get to my destination a lot less tired, and a lot happier.

This will also result in using less fuel, will cause your brakes to last longer as you don’t have to stop as fast, and will be easier on your vehicle, not to mention it could be the difference of whether or not you stop fast enough when that child darts out in front of your car one day.

Slow down, not just in your car, but everywhere. The next time you are rushing through a mall like you are on fire, slow down. Relax a bit, enjoy life. Trust me, it’s going by fast enough on its own.

So the next time the driver in front of you tries to back into a parking spot, why not stop and let him, just smile, show a little courtesy, and spend the whole ten seconds thinking on something good.

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