When is the last time that we had a radar trap in Canada? Is it just me, or is there no longer any enforcement of our speed limits, or the rules of the road in general?

Now I have been known to pass the limit once or twice, well maybe more than that, but things today are absolutely insane. I was taught that a stop sign was a stop sign, but more often than not these days, everytime I come to a complete stop I surprise the twit behind me and almost get rear ended. It is beyond the comprehension of most these days why I come to a complete stop. People, it isn’t just a suggestion. Stop means stop. As well, unless the definitions have changed, maximum means the fastest you are permitted to drive, as in maximum 100 km/h.

While I am one for less government interference all the way around, the thought of actually enforcing the laws that we have is an interesting concept. I find it incredulous when a police officer gets on television and states that the dangerous drivers on the 401 are the ones who are obeying the speed limit, as they are impeding the flow of traffic. Nothing like going public to admit you aren’t doing your job. Instead of blaming those few who obey the law, shouldn’t we try to cite those who aren’t?

Reducing speed on our highways would save lives, reduce emissions of greenhouse gases from our vehicles (that oughtta please a whole bunch of people), will reduce the frequency of when you need to replace your brakes, and will reduce overall maintenance needs for your vehicle. Did I mention that you would save a ton on fuel purchases?

I know there is some dispute among levels of government as to how the money that the government collects from fines is dispersed. I can agree that if the regional government has to pay the police officers to write the tickets and enforce the law, then they should reap the revenue generated from these tickets. Failing that, however, a dispute with Queen’s Park is no reason to throw away the safety that comes with enforcing compliance.

I don’t imply to know everything about every vehicle produced, but I do know that most North American vehicles find their greatest gas economy at below 100 km/h. Toronto just advised motorists that because of the smog they would be cracking down on drivers who allowed their cars to idle for more than three minutes. It is another silly law that had good intentions. Can you imagine paying enforcement officers to sit and time you? I have sat at a light for longer than that trying to make a left. Wouldn’t it make more sense to slow down the insane average speed on the 400 series highways?

On second thought, that would almost be work. Let’s just ticket the guy waiting for his wife to come out of the mall. I can breathe easier already.

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