What to get Your Boyfriend for his Birthday

When you are in a relationship the world around you seems singing romantic songs and you can feel the love in the air. Everything seems to be exciting and looks as if the whole world is appreciating your emotions. If you need to keep the things same over the course of time you need to keep a good record of things like birthdays, anniversaries etc. One such special occasion to celebrate is the birthday of your boyfriend. To make the birthday a special one, you need to know what to get your boyfriend for his birthday. If you aren’t sure about the gift ideas that you can present to your boyfriend on his birthday, you need to read the following article. Here in this article we have listed some cool gift ideas that you can surely gift your boyfriend for his birthday.


As his girlfriend you will know a lot about his likes and dislikes. Check out if he is missing something from his collection of his favorite artist. Gifting a musical collection of his beloved musicians can be great idea and moreover it is not at all expensive. You can even gift him the collection of songs that you really dedicate to him and your relationship. A far better option is to gift him is an iPod so that he can shuffle his music with your songs.


Books are commonly regarded as one of the best companions of a man. Search out of the books that interests your boyfriend. These books can be politics economics, finance, astronomy, physics, general sciences, medicine, etc. If your boyfriend is keen reader you can find out his favorite genre or author and gift him a complete set of the desired books. Reading story books and novels also help to improve language skills and can be very entertaining. You can also consider the idea of buying autobiographies of great leaders for your boyfriend. Here is a list of books that you can always gift to your boyfriend.

  • The Marriage Plot, by Jeffrey Eugenides
  • The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins
  • Ulysses, by James Joyce
  • In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin
  • Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
  • A Visit From the Goon Squad, by Jennifer Egan
  • The Enculturated Gene: Sickle Cell Health Politics and Biological Difference in West Africa, by DuanaFullwiley
  • Blood, Bones, and Butter, The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef by Gabrielle Hamilton


Planning a romantic evening with your man on his special day is surely the idealistic gift to try out. No materialistic gift can match with this romantic gift idea. If you wish to give him love as a present, this idea will certainly be the perfect one. You can opt for a romantic dinner at your house with some candles, his favorite food, a bottle of champagne and music the essential component of romantic evening. Another idea to celebrate his birthday with a romantic dinner is to take him out for a candle light dinner.  Preselect a good banquet place and ask the manager if he could arrange a special table and special arrangements like a candle light dinner for your special surprise. Making it a candle light dinner will make the evening more romantic as they have a certain romantic aura surrounding their effect, and give off a calmness that its light exudes. Be sure you order his favorite food cuisines and special dessert. Decorate your table with beautiful flowers and heart shaped chocolates. After a delicious dinner it’s important that you end the evening on the same romantic note. Ask him out and surrender yourself completely to him to make the evening a memorable one for him.


One special way to make the birthday gift a real surprise for your boyfriend is to gift him travel coupons.  Travel voucher are certainly the best gift option for your boyfriend and even for you. It will surely help you to relax your body and mind form the hectic schedule.  You can just say in a relationship following the same old pattern. You need to add new plans to your romantic life and a luxurious holiday is a perfect illustration of it. The vacation will help you spend some quiet moments him and the holiday will make him come back fresh full of energy and enthusiasm. You can even offer him for a single trip or ask him if he wishes you to accompany him.


The best way to surprise your boyfriend with a unique gift is a personalized collage of photographs from his past life and the time that you guys have cherished in the relation. Personalized collages are great ways of capturing sweet moments you spent with your loved ones. Make the collage more interesting, highlighting some of his old school memories and the achievements he made in his past. Look out for cuttings of the things he likes such as the soccer team he supports, his favorite action hero etc. Include your romantic memories as your fist date, your first kiss or the day he proposed you. If you are good artist, you can gift him a self-made painting that portrays your relationship.


Gifts should be wisely chosen so that they are valuable for the person and last for a long time.  Gifting gadgets to your man is one special gift. When choosing a gift for men, gadgets are among the best options to go for. You don’t need to think twice about this idea because guys are fonder of gadgets than what girls are. Gadgets like iPhone, iPads, laptops and smartphones can be the best gifts for your man. Buying a camera can be equally good idea, making it perfect spectator of the special occasions and more to come in the future. Gadgets are very useful in daily life and can be perfect for the young as well as the elderly man.



The best way to make the gift a unique and personalized item is to engrave the person’s name or initials on it. These personalized gift items look great with jewelry like rings, pendants, bracelets and even cufflinks. Things like iPod cases, cell phone cases or laptop bags are really liked by men and can be some good items to engrave their name on. There are various gift items for men that can be used with engraves made in them, such as Zippo lighters, metal flasks, tag necklaces, wallets, key chains, watch cases, pocket knives, picture frames, decanters, wine bottle stoppers, etc.


A gift filled with ultimate pampering is the best gift option for your boyfriend’s birthday. A relaxing day in a spa is one creative idea to make your gift a special one. Your boyfriend might have never mentioned a spa treatment before, but this gift will surely be big surprise for him. For this gift you need book the appointment for a day prior to his birthday. A spa treatment will make him feel much more relaxed and no doubt that he will make him look gorgeous on his birthday.