For the past month, Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada have been losing ground in Canada, and dramatically in Ontario. Everyone is asking the same question, that being “Why?”

It also appears to me that everyone is offering up the same explanations. They claim that Mr. Harper has a soft image, is weak on leadership, has a hidden agenda, etc. It matters not the reason that people think he is unready to lead this country, the important fact is that this is how so many people feel.

I don’t know who is advising Mr. Harper, or whether he is inclined to follow the advice given, but I hereby volunteer my services. It seems that the party is getting hammered by the same questions, and we are always giving the wrong answers. It is time we turn the questions back on those who ask them.

When asked about our secret agenda, we should fess up. Tell the press that the national colour of Canada will be yellow, and that everyone will have to wear it. Other than that, we can simply say that all of the really good hidden agendas have been taken by the Liberals.

When asked if Stephen Harper is scary, tell the press that we are hoping to make big bucks off of Stephen Harper masks this Hallowe’en, and that we think the Martin masks will still do better, but we are closing the gap.

When we are accused of not representing all Canadians, ask whether the Liberal Party does. Ask whether the NDP Party does. And then tell them that we want a government with integrity, that is truthful and trustworthy. Tell them that this is representative of the wishes of all Canadians.

When we are interrogated about keeping all of the spending promises of the Martin regime should we replace them, tell Canadians “NO!, We will not keep these promises!” because they are promises that are irresponsible, they were made to buy political power and to keep political power. The Conservative Party will NOT be blackmailed to hold on to power, and we will NOT bribe Canadians to hold the highest office in this land.

While I am not advocating a mutiny on the S.S. Conservative, I truly do hope the captain goes back over his coordinates and reconsiders his course.

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