What Makes A Good Teacher

Teachers are role models who affect our lives on an everyday basis. They can make or break a student and his career. Teachers are a source of encouragement and support for their students so it’s their duty to to be a good example themselves. A good teacher can motivate a student to discover his hidden talent just as much as a bad one can discourage him to give up on his assets. Here are is a list of qualities that make a good teacher:

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What Makes A Good Teacher

1. She should show confidence

Confidence is the primary quality that makes a good teacher. Unless she has confidence in herself, she will not be able to inspire confidence in her students.


2. She should be patient

Patience is a virtue that a good teacher practices in order to help her students to grow as individuals. Since different children have different learning curves, she should be patient enough to give them their own time to accomplish things.


3. She should have faith in herself

Faith in one’s ability is inspired by her confidence in herself. As a good teacher, she should believe in her faculty to deliver and improve a student’s academic profile.


4. She should be passionate about teaching

Unless she has passion and the drive to teach to make a difference, she will never believe in herself. Passion is an important quality in a good teacher that is required to ignite her desire to make a difference.


5. She should understand her students

A teacher has to connect with her students on a certain level so that she can understand their difficulties and shortcomings so as to help them to improve. This is a must have for every good teacher.


6. She should have a positive attitude

Positivity is very contagious. A person who is full of hope and positive thoughts will spread it everywhere she goes. A good teacher should have this quality in order to encourage her students to perform to the best of their ability.


7. She should have faith in her students

Along with believing herself, a good teacher should also believe in her students even if their performance doesn’t inspire a lot of belief. Students go through ups and downs on a daily basis so her faith in her students will help them to develop their faith in themselves.


8. She should be a source of encouragement

Since kids spend hours at school everyday, they look up to their teachers for constant encouragement. A good teacher should provide them the desired motivation.


9. She should be a good listener

Not only do teachers impart knowledge to students but they also play a huge role in their overall development. Unless she can listen to what her students tell her and to what they don’t, she can never become a good teacher.


10. She should have a willingness to learn

Teaching is a two way process and a good teacher recognises the opportunity to learn from her students as much as they learn from her. Learning is a never ending process and a good teacher should be wise enough to understand that.


11. She should not refuse to accept her mistake

A good teacher is humble enough to accept her mistake when she’s wrong. Unless she learns the art of acceptance, she will not be able to connect with her students. So, a good teacher should not have a big ego.


12. She should be able to earn respect

Respect is something that is given automatically on the basis of how a person behaves and responds to different situations. A good teacher should be able to earn respect from her students even if others force their students to respect them.


13. She should be genuine

A teacher cannot have double standards. A good teacher should genuine and kind. Hypocrisy and double standards do not make a good teacher.


14. She should have the desire to go the extra mile

Some teachers give up on students when they don’t perform as desired but a good teacher should be willing to do the extra bit required to help her students. She should give her students extra study hours with her or talk to them personally in order to help them out.


15. She should be flexible

Every child has a different level of absorbing knowledge and a good teacher knows that. She should be flexible enough to try different approaches in imparting education if she sees anyone’s performance going down.


16. She shouldn’t overburden the students

Too much homework and pressure can create fear within a student so an accomplished teacher will never give her students too much work. She should understand them well enough to know how much burden they can take.


17. She should be able to reach out to kids

Kids are innocent and they can be molded into anything. A good teacher needs to know this and adjust herself so as to be able to connect with them and help them out.


18. She should be able to keep her personal and professional lives separate

A teacher should never mix her professional life with her personal life and vent the aggression on the students. The ability to be polite and calm even when she is burning with anger is what separates a good teacher from an average one.


19. She should be able to educate them rather than force them to memorize things

Education is not about memorizing things without a sense of purpose. A good teacher should know the trick and use it to develop her students interest in the subject instead of just making them memorize things.


20. She should be a source of support

Teachers can be one of the strongest source of strength and support for their students. Their support can encourage students to accomplish great things. A good teacher knows this and possesses this quality.


21. She should be a good role model

Another quality a good teacher should have is that of being a good role model. So many people grow up to become teachers just because of a teacher they admired as children.


22. She should know what she’s talking about

A good teacher doesn’t impart knowledge without having complete insight on the subject. Her knowledge of it doesn’t have to be very deep but it should be enough to help her to answer any question that comes her way.


23. She should have some foresight

A good teacher should have foresight. It’s something that comes with experience and her understanding of a student’s nature. Foresight will help her to teach better by anticipating a student’s reaction.


24. She should be non-judgemental

Teachers should never be judgmental because preformed opinions disrupt honest communication. If a teacher judges all her students, they will never go up to her for help if they need it.


25. She should be able to encourage her students to confide in her

Confiding in a teacher helps to develop mutual trust between the student and the teacher. A good teacher should be able to keep her student’s secret and win his trust.