It is no secret that the mainstream press is for the most part on board with the pro gay-marriage crowd. Whether this editor is for or against the legislator is not the topic of this column today, but the bias that is being shoved down our throats is.

Poll after poll done by the big pollsters, who by the way love to influence your decision making, show that the Conservatives are doing so poorly. I don’t believe this is the case, but I think that it is an attempt to dishearten those of us who think that we have a voice. We do have a voice, you just won’t hear it played out in the media. It is not the ‘socially responsible’ thing to do these days, and the media hates to be criticized by the left.

In a poll done on the web site of CFRA 580 in Ottawa, after 1943 votes, just a hair under 60% of respondents want Stephen Harper and the Conservatives to do whatever is necessary to stop bill C-38, the act that will redefine Canada’s marriage definition. I wonder if that one will make the 6 o’clock news? Nah.

The CBC has been pushing this agenda through its affiliates with our money since as early as 2003, when they released a pollshowing 51% of Liberals in support, Conservatives with 44% support, and Alliance 66% against. Notice how the Alliance wasn’t 34% support, but labeled as against. That’s not biased, is it?

In April 2005, a new CBC poll says that 52% of Canadians are against gay marriage, but you hear nothing of that one. The poll goes on to say that almost as many Canadians, 44%, favor the move. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I factor in 8% over 26 million people, that does not equate to ‘almost as many.’ There are more than a million Canadians more against this bill than for it. If the Liberals were heading into an election with an 8 point lead, the media would be ecstatic. 8% is not a small margin.

You have got to like the wording of these polls as well. Some of the questions are meant to confuse you, there is no doubt about this. I like the ones that sound like this: “Do you oppose the government not passing this legislation?” What? Tell me that the pollster is not trying to skewer the results on a question like that. Would “Do you support gay marriage?” be too difficult a question? Would the pollsters not like the answer to that one?

What is my point? I don’t like being treated like a fool, but I can’t say that I have a lot of company. It seems that the tricky polls do work, as more and more Canadians look at the results and reconsider their stance.

Your stance, whether for or against any issue, should not be determined by a poll. This is not a race, but a reflection of our attitudes. My beliefs are concrete, they are not changeable, but apparently that is not true with everyone.

The media is, however, accomplishing one thing that I cannot. They are slowly removing the influence that these polls have. Canadians are tired of them. There seems to be a poll for everything. On top of that, Canadians are starting to catch on. The media had a great tool in its bag of goodies, but if you keep doing the same trick over and over, eventually the crowd sees through the illusion, and of course, I will keep doing my best to point it out.

Having said all that, I wish we had a new topic on the agenda, this one is getting so worn. Pretzels, anyone?

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