What Can You Do With A Communications Degree

According to many scholars, “The field of communication focuses on how people use messages to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures, channels, and media. The field promotes the effective and ethical practice of human communication”. In fact, a communication degree can provide a broader platform for people who don’t want to narrow down their options in the beginning of their career. So, if you are already pursuing a degree in communication and looking for career prospects or are considering it, this post can definitely be of some service. Here is a list of career options a degree in communication can provide you with:

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What Can You Do With A Communications Degree

Being a speechwriter

Words are the most effective source of inspiration and conveying messages. A degree in communication can help you to better understand the trigger points so that you can truly write effective and moving speeches that make a point.


To get a job as a customer service representative

Being a customer service representative is not as easy as it sounds. Representatives have to listen to complaints, give effective solutions and keep them clients happy. Simple as it sounds, it can become quite difficult to effectively convey solutions which is where a degree in communications can help.


To be a reporter

Reporters have to convey events as they happen and they also have to think on their feet at all times. Unless they know the art of successful communication, things might get too much for them and a degree in communication can certainly help.


To work as a film editor

In order to effectively translate words into pictures, delete the unimportant bits that can only eat up the screen time and work on the idea that the film will convey, people need to understand the way communication works. If they don’t then the end product might not convey a very concrete or ‘to the point’ idea thereby wasting the entire effort. A degree in communication helps in visualizing the end result so that the editor know what he wants.


To get a job in public relations

In order to successfully manage and handle the image of a company, evolved communications skills are a must have so if you are planning for a future in this industry, a degree in communications can be of assistance to you.


To get a job as a human resource manager

Human resource managers handle the employees of a given organisation or company. The only way someone can handle people is through effective communication so a degree in the same field will certainly benefit you if you want to enter this field.


To work in the field of sales

As much as advertisement is necessary to promote a product, the correct selling techniques are important to sell it. Someone with a strong communication system will thrive better in the field of sales than your average Joe .


To get a job in the advertising industry

In order to promote a product through advertising, one has to understand the product, think about things that would appeal to the prospective buyers and convey the message in a way so that the audience not only understands the product but gets attracted to it as well. This one has a communication degree written all over it.


For a career in theater

Theater and the performing arts are all about expressions and communicating the necessary to the audience. The stronger a person’s ability to communicate, the better the performer and a degree in communication can help you to bridge this difference between intention and perception.


To get a job as a student counselor

Student counselors need to have a more developed communication skills so as to interact with the students on a personal level. They need to convince the students that they can and will help them in order for the kids to open up. A degree in communication will help them to speak to students in a friendly manner under different situations.


To be an entrepreneur

The power of communication can make or break an entrepreneur. They require strong communication skill at all times whether they are looking for a buyer, speaking to their clients, finalizing their deals or interacting on a social level.


To work as a news writer

The job of a news writer is to understand the events happening around them and to convert them into written material for others to read or listen to. Therefore, your communication skills will have to be perfect in order to convey the right piece of information.


To be a translator

When you translate into another language or vice versa, your communication skills need to be at their very best so as to avoid misunderstandings. Since you will be the one conveying messages across different cultures and through different channels, a degree in communication can definitely come in handy.


To work as a social worker

If you are planning to work as a social worker, you need to sharpen your communication skills so as to interact with a genuine understanding of the situation. It is important to be able to empathize with people in order to help them.


To be a corporate lawyer

The law is all about communicating feelings, thoughts, emotions and situations to the court so a communication degree can help you to talk and establish a clear understanding of the complicated everyday court scenarios.


To work as a foreign correspondent

Being a correspondent is all about communicating thoughts, ideas and situations to the numerous people watching the telecast especially when you are a foreign correspondent. A degree in communication will help you to convey things as they are.


To work as a legal researcher

A degree in communication will better enable you to understand the complexities that go behind legal research thereby making your work more productive.


To be an editor

Editing requires a thorough knowledge of English grammar and the art to present ideas with clarity. To be a good editor, one needs to understand the important factors that work behind successful communication of ideas. So, a degree in communication will give you the ability to understand the theoretical aspect of communication for a more practical application.


To fulfill your dreams as an author

A degree in communication is not a prerequisite for becoming an author but it will certainly give you sufficient theoretical knowledge so that you can apply it to your writing. In fact, it will also give you practical knowledge thereby helping you to practise your skills.


Talk show host

Talk shows are all about communication skills and using them to your advantage. What makes a successful talk show host is strong communication skills so if you are planning to work as one in the future, this degree can help you.