For all of you who have visited our webpage, thank you. We have been here less than one week, but already we have had more hits than we anticipated. I am eager to get the website finished, and would encourage you to come back each week to see the progress, or better yet, each day for a little dose of reasoning. I will attempt to keep my columns short and concise, and will do my best not to be sarcastic. (This one is a true challenge.) I will even throw in a little humor once in a while.

For those of you who are wondering if I can spell, yes, but I use the American spelling for some words, like honor, on purpose. When we get the menu installed, you can go to the About Us page, and there you will find out why. <Grin>. Also, there will be a button for submissions, for suggestions, and for your feedback. would like to earn a place in your bookmarks, and we hope we can earn it. Please pass along a link for this page if you found it worthwhile.

Thank You,

John Lawrence, editor.

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