I have written before about men with character and what we need in our leaders. We need people with ethics and values. The prime minister himself talks often about Canadian values and Liberal values. While I myself don’t think that these are equivalent values, I am none the less glad to hear him speak about them.

The disturbing trend is the attacks on the opposition parties of our land using innuendos and a culture of fear mongering. There is nothing wrong with being challenged to back up what you say or to be forthright with what you stand for, but to be constantly branded because you do so does not make a great case for people of substance or integrity to enter our political system, and that is a shame because our country is so desperately in need of people of conscience.

The attack on Conservatives especially has been so flagrant and open it is appalling. Whenever someone with a Christian background wins a nomination to run for a federal riding under the Conservative banner, they are immediately attacked and once again, some in the media begin to proclaim that the party is being hijacked by fundamentalists.

This not only hurts the Conservative party, but does a great injustice to our political system and our government. Our country was made strong and stays strong because of the checks and balances that are inherent in our system of government and the way in which our parliamentary democracy is set up. By constantly labeling our opposition parties with negative talking points, our prime minister and the media, with their sinister talk of hidden agendas, undermine the effectiveness of our political system. They do Canada a disservice.

People of faith founded our country. One can go back in history and research our earliest prime ministers. They were men of faith. They and their fellow countrymen built a great nation, and built it upon a foundation of values. People have heard the separation of church and state line so many times, yet many don’t understand it. It is an American term, but is has a simple pretext. The government shall not force a religion on its citizens. This in no way precludes men or women of faith from serving in the offices of government. On the contrary, it is needed.

Take for example a quote from our own Liberal prime minister. On Monday, June 20, on Vancouver’s radio station CKN, he stated the following: “I’m actually a very strong Roman Catholic.” Does this make him a fundamentalist? Of course not. Does it mean that the Liberal Party has been hijacked and has a secret agenda? No. That is just absurd. The same goes for the accusations against the Conservative Party.

People with character are not a threat to our freedoms, they did in fact bestow them upon us.

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