In another bizarro California court, namely the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, the American government is being blamed for, well, acts of God.

Apparently Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth have convinced a court in San Francisco that George Bush and friends are responsible for our bad weather. Judge Jeffrey White ruled that the plaintiffs could sue because they may be affected by overseas projects, as they pertain to global warming, that are backed by two federal agencies namely the Overseas Private Investment Corporation and the Export-Import Bank of the United States.

What’s next? Is somebody going to be able to sue you and I for driving a car? Are these courts for real? It seems that the plaintiffs in this case, which include the above mentioned groups as well as the cities of Boulder, Colorado and Santa Monica, Arkata, and Oakland, California, feel that the activities of these corporations are contributing to global warming, thus affecting them.

I am trying to stay on track here, but this is beyond ludicrous. Global warming has not been proven. It is a theory, and not a unanimous one. There ,000 scientists on record now who are against the theory because of its many flaws, but that is another topic.

There isn’t a company on this earth that can’t be targeted by a lawsuit this vague. There also isn’t a government on earth that would be exempt with outrageous justices like Mr. White wielding their gavels. Perhaps these groups should immediately stop using electricity in their offices. No more computers, and absolutely no more chase boats that use noxious fossil fuels. I think the next time Green s up their powerboat somebody should hit them with a lawsuit. I wonder how many of the lawyers in this case will take the bus.

Back in the 1930’s, the United States suffered the ‘Dust Bowl Drought’. It was the driest summer ever since records were kept. This year’s summer, as brutal as it was, was only the third hottest. I suppose if many of today’s scientists were alive in the 1930’s, they would have been screaming that the sky was falling. Liberal lawyers and scientists would have found a way to blame the railroads, something about soil displacement causing the soil to become arid, most likely from the treated railroad ties.

The truth is that the earth goes through cycles, and some cycles are longer than others. The important question in all of this to a social liberal is who they can sue. I never thought I would see the day when some judge would allow them to be able to use the weather as a club.

Once again the left, who clamor on about fairness, is using the judicial branch to further an agenda that they are unable to do using the executive branch. It seems that they cannot elect people of their political persuasion as the general population sees through their rhetoric, so they use judicial tyranny. It is yet another example of why there needs to be a stronger supreme court.

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