In an openly biased statement issued yesterday, the United Nations, apparently run by a collection of anti-Western influences, has warned that Israel and the West could unleash chaos by withholding aid to the Palestinians once the transition of power to Hamas has been completed.

As Toolman Tim would say, “Whoa, Back The Truck Up.” The last time I looked, neither Israel or the West were setting political policy for Hamas, nor were they deciding which stance Hamas would take towards them.

The Palestinian crisis which is emerging and will no doubt grow rapidly is not our fault. It is the fault of the Palestinian people themselves. It is they who have chosen to elect murderers and saboteurs as their elected representatives. It is Hamas, which has been empowered by the Palestinian population, that insists on denying Israel’s right to exist and Hamas which will not state unequivocally that they will honor previously signed agreements.

The Palestinians have democratically elected Hamas to represent them, no one is denying or challenging that fact. But being elected by your countrymen does not automatically rescind the evil that one has perpetrated, nor does it magically transform those members of Hamas who are evil into saints, or even into legitimate statesmen.

The current condition which is seeing funding to Palestine, and thus Hamas, suspended is not the result of decisions that Israel or the West have made. It is the result of the decision of the Palestinian people.

If Hamas wishes to simply antagonize the West and to incite its own citizens into further hatred, then they are plotting the correct course. If, on the other hand, Hamas wishes by some act of God to become a legitimate world member and a respected legal entity and government, then it had better cast off its former self. Failure to do so shows just how little has really changed, and it is that measure by which any further aid from Israel or the West, as well as the other global citizens, should be measured.

How dare the United Nations rebuke the West for resisting the demands of terrorists and cold blooded murderers. How dare the U.N. criticize our ally Israel for refusing to lend aid to its enemy, an enemy that boldly and publicly claims to want to destroy it.

Perhaps if Hamas really cares for its fellow Palestinians, which I highly doubt, then now is the time for it to act. If it truly cares about the future of its own people and an end to their poverty and suffering, then they have the power to change their own world.

Or, they can simply remain the same, in which case all they need do is to keep blaming us. It seems that at the very least, they have the ear of the United Nations.

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