I started looking through the piles of reports coming out of India, Pakistan, and Guatemala, and the same song that appeared after Katrina was being sung again. Why hasn’t the government done more?

In a Reuters story yesterday, the first paragraph says it all.“….. Maya Indian residents complained on Sunday the government was far too slow to react to the tragedy. It seems that we are not the only civilization to believe that our government is god, and can be all things to all people. There just simply comes a time when your government is unable to overcome tragic events.

In Kashmir, “… anger over the slow pace of the recovery effort boiled over…” When supply routes are destroyed and all social structure disappears in an instant, all bets are off. Tragic events kill people, sometimes many, and they always will, yet we stubbornly sit back and believe that our government can deliver us. It has its limits, despite our belief to the contrary.

The Canadian government has pledged $20 million to help aid the earthquake victims. Kuwait has pledged $100 million, and the United States has pledged $50 million. As well, further aid is pouring in from all over the world. The United States has also rerouted some of its military helicopters to aid in both Kashmir and Guatemala. Once again, the ‘hated Americans’ have rolled up their sleeves and have begun doing what they do best; they are helping others. Britain has sent in Rapid UK, an emergency response team geared for catastrophic times as these.

In a wonderful humanitarian gesture, India has set aside the bitter feuding that it has been embroiled in with Pakistan, and has sent tents, food, medicine, and other supplies to its neighbour. Perhaps some good will come from this tragedy. Time will tell.

While the situation is tenuous, and a massive tragedy is yet unfolding, there is much to be said that is of a positive nature. To see so many nations, some of them declared enemies, coming together is absolutely heart warming. It is only too sad that the joining together unconditionally of humanity only ever reaches its zenith in times of absolute disaster. At least we can stop killing each other for some things.

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