If we thought that we saw rhetoric and fireworks at the suggestions of racial profiling by a black city councillor, wait until the storm from this one hits. In an unprecedented move, the Toronto School Board’s new equity officer, Lloyd McKell, has suggested that perhaps we need a black school, one that offers black students who are on the verge of dropping out a new environment with black teachers. It won’t work.

The problems with some of our youths are very deeply rooted, and there are no sudden solutions and no quick fixes. While I am not against ideas being floated as to solutions for the ongoing problem facing our youth, there needs to be an understanding that the cycle cannot be broken simply by excluding a single race of children from our multi-racial classrooms.

Gang and youth violence, as well as dropout rates, fluctuate dramatically depending on the area in which one lives. For example, a school dominated mostly by children who grow up in housing projects will have a lower graduation rate than a school dominated by children who have hard working educated parents. This is not racism, it is simple statistical truth, and it applies to all races. The problems our educational system is facing, and I mean almost all of the problems across the board, stem from three main areas. The first area is the state’s undermining of families via the tax code, where one parent incomes are not encouraged but are in fact discouraged. The second area is anti-parent legislation that over the last few decades has eroded the parent’s right to discipline their own children. Couple that with the constant assault on the value system that our country was founded upon, and you have the answer as to why some of our youth are taking their present course.

Why is it that almost every class of immigrant can come to Canada and succeed? We have executives and businessmen of all colors and races. No longer is the man at the top automatically white. Everyone has a chance to succeed in this country if they simply choose to. The underlying determining factor is choice. I know that we have a subculture within the black community that is prone to gang and drug violence. It is not exclusive to people of color, but it does seem to be affecting this group disproportionately. The answer to the problem with young black children dropping out of school is not to undo all of the ground that has been won over the last 60 years or so by having different schools for black students.

We have to deal with the cycle of poverty and premarital sex that the special interest groups are bent on selling to our children, whether it is through a woman’s “choice”, or through safe sex. Both of these ideas are full of pitfalls, and have failed our children miserably. Studies show that children from broken homes, and from one parent families do far more poorly than children from good homes, yes, those old fashioned ones with a mom and dad. Remember the homophobic Cosby show?

We have to teach our children some self respect, the kind that says you don’t have to listen to songs about smacking your girl, knocking her up, or calling her derogatory terms. Nor the one’s that call you nigger like it is now some ultra hip word. Songs that tell our youth to ‘waste that copper.’ While I am not trying to blame music for all our woes, I will plainly blame some of it on the music. The rest of that indictment rests on the shoulders of the parents who allow that crap into their homes, and on the industry who profits off of the gratuitous sex and violence. It is time that we ‘wasted’ the gangster mentality. There is something wrong when our youth grow up to think that being a dealer is cool. There is something more wrong when we, the adults, allow it to happen.

We need to back the truck up and get back to the things that worked for generations. When you instill a moral foundation and a strong code of ethics in our children, everything else will simply fall into place. There is no use fixing the fifth floor when the foundation is crumbling.

We have to teach our youth values. Right now we have taught our children that there is no tomorrow, that what we are is a result of some accident in space. They have nothing to believe in, no moral base, no value system. Is it any wonder that these children have no hope? You see, that is the crux of it right there. They have no hope. The world to this lot is a rundown neighborhood where no one seems to get out.

All of these lessons can only start in the home, and that is where we are failing. So many of these children are born to other children, or young women who weren’t taught or are not prepared to impart a value system to their children. Don’t get me wrong, I have no doubt in my heart whatsoever that these mother’s love their babies, what mother wouldn’t?

The point is that we are losing this war on the home front. Segregation won’t change a thing.

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