Kofi Annan has stepped up to bat in the global fight against success and progress. Not only do we have our environmentalist extremists telling us that the world will end soon if we don’t stop breathing, but now the head of the United Nations says that cities are growing too big and urban dwellers are responsible for this.

When someone states that another is responsible for a result, they usually mean that they are to blame. I have a question; where would this man like us to live?

Not only is global warming going to ruin our vacation, but now we are also overpopulating the earth through selfish reproduction. This is just not true. In fact, if you were to stand everyone up, you could fit 6.25 billion people on 15 square miles of land. The world has a lot more than 15 square miles. If it is overcrowded where you live, I suggest you move.

If urban dwellers are causing the earth to change rapidly, where else could we live, in a forest? If we did that, we would be accused of disturbing wildlife. Likewise, if we move to the country, we would be destroying farmland. Out on the ocean? Hmm.

The public was shown satellite footage of rivers, cities, and forest. Imagine the shock that so much has changed in 30 years. What did we expect? People have children, they build homes, and things change. I can see that with my own eyes right where I live. As for river deltas growing in size, another amazing discovery. I thought that once we started taking pictures from space that would stop.

If success is killing us and the planet, why should we help underdeveloped nations to grow? Aren’t we then better off if they flounder? We are constantly told that we have to do more to help the third world. If we help them, won’t they just start to kill the planet like we are? Won’t they drive, consume goods, produce waste? Aren’t we all better off if we leave them in huts? Just some questions that someone should ask. There is a double standard here.

One has to wonder about the rationale of such thinking. Where is it heading? If there are too many people in cities now, and we can live nowhere else, what then? Population reduction becomes the new buzzword. Maybe we can do what the Kyoto Protocol called for. Let us just aim our sights at the successful wealthy countries. Maybe the fat West can slim down, perhaps limit the number of children each family can have through legislation . I guess since abortion, high taxation, cesaerean sections, birth control, condoms, and now gay marriage aren’t doing enough to slow our birthrate, we can try scaring the people into having less children. Failing that, I am sure that the U.N. will eventually call for countries to implement legislation.

If you think I am way out there, that is fine, but I truly believe that time will prove otherwise.

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