As more information is gathered from the bombings that rocked London last week, a picture of home grown extremists is emerging. England’s leader says he is “stunned” to learn that the four men who carried out what now appears to be suicide attacks were British.

This should come as a surprise to no one. Those of us in Canada who have been warning of an attack on our soil would expect the same thing of an attack here. The point that these leaders are failing to understand is that the terrorists are not coming to our country any time soon. They are already here.

The only way to make a difference in when and how to stop an inevitable attack is for there to be the political will to tackle this issue. Right now, the Paul Martin government is in high-denial mode, and only respond to this issue when it appears in the news. We have to change that, and the best way is to educate and prepare Canadians. If we can succeed in that, then our elected officials will be held accountable for not taking action, instead of pretending that they were as surprised as anyone was.

Senator Colin Kenny, chairman of the Senate Committee on National Security and Defense, is as blunt as it gets. On July 7th he was lamenting the fact that Canada was standing still in the belief that it can’t happen here. “It’s not if it is going to happen. It’s when it is going to happen,” he said.

Martin Rudner, Carleton University’s director of Canadian Centre of Intelligence and Security Studies concurred with the senator’s statement. He was quoted as saying, “Canada is a target, and the question is not if, but when.”

Liberal Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan was quoted July 7th as saying that Ottawa has received no information about a threat of an attack on Canadian soil. She apparently didn’t show up for work the day that Osama bin Laden released his hit list in November 2002.

“What business do your governments have to ally itself in attacking us in Afghanistan? — and I mention specifically Britain, France, Italy, Canada, Germany and Australia.” bin Laden was quoted saying on an audiotape intended for us in the west to hear. When this man utters threats, he tends to follow through on them.

Our security agencies are now aware of at least 50 terrorist outfits that are active in Canada. One would have to ask why they aren’t shutting them down? Do they have a fundamental right to exist under our Charter of Rights? Would that be a surprise to anyone? Add to that the fact that we are an immigration sponge and that almost anyone, literally, qualifies as a refugee. It takes up to two years to receive a hearing in this country, plenty of time to disappear.

We are more vulnerable to attack than any of our elected officials would have you believe. They are of the impression that we live in Utopia, separate from the rest of the planet. Nothing could be further from the truth, and our leaders must act now. They must tighten security¬†beforethe next global attack, not after. After may be too late, expecially if it is here. From past experience, Al Qaeda doesn’t issue warnings before they strike. They just rip lives apart.

We must not become complacent.

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