I had a good laugh tonight. CTV was spouting off about a new Globe and Martin poll that has the Liberals up to 46%, a 7 point increase, and the Conservatives down 6 to 29%. The only thing I can think of is that this poll was done in a restaurant where nobody understood the language the questions were asked in, or the pollsters did this poll on the Liberal campaign bus. I can’t even imagine Paul Martin getting 46% on that.

In an attempt to throw some water on the fire that Scott Reid started on the weekend with his popcorn and beer comment, Mr. Martin invoked the “hidden agenda” phrase yesterday. I almost fell off of my chair. It’s like I have been waiting for a grenade to go off for so long, I had forgotten it was there.

One question that I would really like to know the answer to is if our esteemed leader actually believes that Mr. Harper has a hidden agenda. Does Paul Martin check under his bed all night to make sure Stephen isn’t under it? Does he have dreams where he is the supreme leader who has delivered Canada, with the Conservatives threatening to undo all? I am sorry to digress, but this man’s fixation on a hidden agenda borders on the psychotic and paranoid.

In a further attempt to deflect the attention from the popcorn issue, Mr. Martin once again revisited the same sex marriage issue. In his address to the media, the same old question was asked of the Conservatives. Do they intend to use the notwithstanding clause of the constitution? Well, what if they do? It was under the Liberal government of Pierre Trudeau that the notwithstanding clause came to be. Did the Liberals create the clause for only their use, or was it simply to appease Quebec? Why is it that if a Conservative government feels the need to use it, it is all of a sudden taboo?

As a third generation Canadian, I am sick of the few dictating to the many, and I don’t care if it is same sex marriage or the continuing erosion of our culture and traditions. Enough is enough.

Paul Martin pushed through his same sex legislation in the most undemocratic fashion possible and that should be the real issue. Mr. Harper has not said that he will reverse this legislation, he simply stated that his government would hold it to another vote, and not one that had MP’s strong armed one way or the other. Mr. Harper has suggested that legislation of this sort that will redefine our culture should be voted on by conscience, not coercion. That should be applauded. Paul Martin is beside himself, unable to grasp that anyone would be able to see things differently than him.

Meanwhile, let’s see how high the media is willing to push the alleged support for the Liberals.

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