I had the chance to sit down today and browse through a “Legion Magazine”. It was quite impressive, and as I looked through it, I felt a great deal of pride for our grandparents and great-grandparents. It is an amazing magazine, full of anecdotes and stories that you would probably enjoy.

One of the unique facets of their website,, were the links that take you into the Archives of Canada site. I got into those and stumbled upon transcripts of the 35th Parliament with Jean Chretien as Prime Minister of Canada.

Going through the transcripts, one cannot escape noticing the constant referrals by Liberal MP’s of “Canada and Quebec” or “Quebecers and Canadians”.

This kind of politics takes us down a dangerous road. As members in Confederation, as in any family, all members should be equal. To have one child favored above the rest is a recipe for envy, jealousy, and ultimately hate. To treat one province above the others will only lead to fracturing our fragile family. Perhaps if the Liberals truly want to represent all Canadians, they can stop favoring one child over the others.

I have no idea why one group of Canadians insists on trying to whine and snivel their way into a special status situation. It is fundamentally wrong for our governing bodies to acquiesce to these demands. (For those of you in college, especially French ones, that means to give in.)

What is it about Quebecers that makes them think that they are special? Of course they are unique, but then again, so are Calgarians, and Manitobans, and our First Nations. For that matter, all of Canada’s founding nations, as well as many of our immigrants, are unique, as are each of our provinces and territories.

It seems that Quebec is pushing on the rest of Canada, and perhaps too hard. I find many today who state that they could care less if Quebec separates. They have a long list of grievances as well, such as Quebec receiving preferential treatment economically, not respecting the languages of other Canadians (remember the language police), and so on. There is also the axe that they constantly hold over our heads as they threaten to make the leap.

Maybe it’s time we called their bluff and yelled “Jump!” Then perhaps we could focus and give attention to all Canadians. Then again, perhaps Quebec can come down off the ledge and attempt to be a functional part of the whole, instead of something above us.

“Canadians and Quebecers” indeed!

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