In a brand new study conducted by the federal government of Canada, (big surprise), a team of legal experts has filed their report suggesting that the federal government repeal Canada’s polygamy laws. I mentioned back in September that this was only a matter of time in an¬†article¬†that opined on the slippery slope that we have jumped onto in regards to morality and its destruction.

You see, when you start to remove the safeguards and standards from our society, there is no end to it. You cannot stand up and point out reasons that you can dismantle one section of our cultural standards without others using the same legal arguments as precedent and a justification to dismantle others.

For instance, we have this wonderful legacy from Pierre Trudeau. His famous statement that “the government has no place in the bedrooms of the nation” has been so misused that it rivals the abuse that the Americans have endured under the falsely interpreted letter regarding the mythical separation of church and state. While many a liberal has stood up and espoused this line from Trudeau, they shamefully fail to acknowledge that it isn’t a blank cheque with which to cash in all of our standards.

The arguments that have been used in the recent supreme court decisions regarding homosexuality, gay marriage, and now sex clubs can simply be transferred to any and all arguments in regards to morality and sex. Polygamy is simply the next logical progression in this assault on common decency which Canadians seem intent to embrace, or are at least made to appear to embrace. After polygamy, there is the next progression, which will definitely include the removal of the incrimination of prostitution and perhaps eventually our incest and bestiality laws. Further down the line in keeping with the latest trend of children’s rights, (a catchy phrase to hide the fact that we are removing the protections that our children need), we will also most assuredly see the age of consent completely disappear from our laws.

Now we must remember why our forefathers included morality in our laws. They were placed there because of a belief and of the knowledge that some things were simply wrong and unnatural. Before the mid-1900’s, these things were generally accepted standards, and the reasons to most were obvious. Many laws were also in keeping with the Bible, which most of our founders believed in and adhered to for their own well-being.

In the town of Bountiful which can be found in British Columbia, a sect of the Mormon Church has practiced polygamy for the last 60 years. While there have been investigations into child abuse, no criminal charges have been laid.

I played devil’s advocate with my wife one night, and asked her why these people should not be allowed to live as they want. If they choose to love more than one woman, what business is it of the government’s? As well, if a woman wants to sell her body, what right does the government have to tell her not to? My wife could not answer me as to why these things should be illegal. The reason for her being unable to offer an argument against these things was because she was considering them in the context of our Charter of Rights. According to that document, nothing is wrong, and nothing is sacred.

To understand why these activities are wrong and were once looked down on, then one has to trace our laws back to their root origins, which is a belief in God and His word. The simple fact is that our nation was founded on the principles of Scripture, and these things are activities that we are commanded not to partake in. Now that ‘the mainstream’ has decided that we no longer need the foundation that our laws were built upon, no one should be surprised to see them crumbling. Try knocking down the foundation of a building and watch what happens to the rest of the structure. It isn’t pretty.

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