While I mean to write about Canadian issues, I will commit my second column in as many days to events south of the border. My enemy is liberalism, and it resides not just in our country. It is pervasive and has a tendency of spreading like any other virus. Like it or not, ours and our neighbours destinies have been intertwined for a long time. As well, there are many south of our border who haven’t swallowed the liberal’s pill yet, and still have an idea of what is important.

For the sixth time since 1995, the United States Congress has approved an amendment to the US Constitution banning the burning of the American flag. Once again, it will either pass or die in the Senate.

This year, however, the odds are better than they ever were. With supporters and opponents claiming it will be within two votes either way, we have a horse race. If it passes in the Senate, it will then have to be ratified by two thirds of the states to become part of the constitution. It is interesting to note that only 27 amendments have been added to the Constitution since 1789 out of over 11,000 attempts.

There are those who oppose the bill of course. The American Civil Liberties Union is worried about the loss of freedom of speech, which is the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States. It is held very dear to American’s hearts. That is why it is the first amendment, not the tenth.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but the definition of speech has everything to do with vocalizing. The founders of the United States were not stupid, nor did they do double talk and spin like we do today. When they guaranteed free speech, it was in the context that one was allowed to voice differing views of the day’s issues, as well as against the government or its policies. They were not only permitted, but were encouraged, to debate passionately to win the people over to their way of thinking. Only in the latter half of the 20th century did the push begin for it to mean everything up to and including pornography, and it was only in the latter half of the last century when some American’s were dumb enough to believe any different.

It is hard to understand the media’s stance on this issue. Over the next couple of weeks, the cries in the media over the supposed trampling of the free speech amendment will grow louder south of the border. I know this because they are totally consistent and predictable. It is too bad that the left doesn’t come to bat for their own flag like they do for the Koran.

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