For the last few weeks now, the deportation of Portuguese illegal immigrants has been all the rage in our daily rags here in Canada. Of course, human interest stories are always welcome, but why this one? What is the goal?

It seems to me now that the main reason to pump this story up is to discredit, once again, the ruling Conservative Party and to taint it with the suggestion that it is racist and bigotted.

If you think that I am simply spouting partisan rhetoric, consider the following facts: There have been 166 Portuguese deported this year. Last Year? 400 deportees. Where were the cameras last year during the Liberal rein? Why were there not hordes of cameras focused in on the teary eyes that surely filled the terminal in 2005?

It seems that all the fuss about Stephen Harper not bowing to the media may be just that, fuss. As one would be hard pressed to find a good reason to tip your hand to the enemy, perhaps the new Conservatives see the light and realize no matter how many olive branches there are scratching your chin, they mean probably nothing.

Now the media finds itself having to actually dig for stories, and you can be sure that they won’t be looking for any good ones.

Myself, I pray that they will continue to operate in the manner in which they are accustomed to, and that is by using partial information to make the Tories look bad, because the truth is never far behind, especially with the new media, which you are now reading. Every time the bias is exposed, more people see it and then recognize it on their own in the future. It is there and it is tangible.

Never once did I see a story suggest that the heartless Liberals were gutting Canada’s immigrant communities, yet last year they deported two and a half times as many Portuguese. Hmm. I wonder why no mention was made of the more than 1200 Mexicans that Canada sent back last year? No teary photo-op’s?

What is the message? If you are an immigrant and you vote Conservative, you will seal your own fate. The facts do not bare this out, but that has never stopped the media before. Facts are little things and when manipulated, they can portray any picture you want them to.

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