While Ontario police continue to piece together the chain of events that has left a Canadian chapter of the Bandidos as a non-entity, Ontarians are left to read the grisly details that the media can extract from their sources.

To be sure, it is a surreal story about how one individual was allegedly able to decimate an entire chapter of a bike gang by planning and committing the murders of most of its membership.

One thing that hasn’t surfaced is the story behind the story. That is, the use of weapons which, in all likelihood were not registered (gasp), and the history of the man who is being labeled as the most likely responsible for the plot. Whether he is or not is not important at this time. What is important is the graphic illustration of the inability of the Liberals for 13 years to be able to do much of anything when it pertains to violent crime in Canada.

Conservative has always called for harsher sentences for those who simply refuse to live by the standards which we, the people, have set. As a society, we must live together which some sort of code, and that code for most of us is called the Canadian justice system. We have laws to protect us, but they only work when they have teeth and are enforced.

In a concerted move last year, it seemed as though the mainstream media would join me in calling for a stop to the carnage by imposing sentences and penalties that would truly make a dent and a difference on our streets. Well, the election campaign has been put back into the election box with the massive polling machinery, and it seems that the media is no longer interested. They were either very disingenuous or they simply have a very short memory.

Police have stated that 5 people have been arrested in connection with the Shedden massacre, and among them is one Wayne Kellestine. Mr. Kellestine is well known to police. He is a lifer, moving from one bike gang to another, and he has a sordid history. He is the former head of a club called the Annihilators and later ran a chapter of the Loners, a local club in the St. Thomas area.

His neighbours describe Wayne as quiet and well liked, and his criminal past tells of extreme loyalty to those who call him friend, but the man who he was accused of shooting in 1991 probably has a much different appraisal of him. While the charges were ultimately dropped because of the victim being unwilling to talk to police, it wasn’t the last time the law would find reason to apprehend Mr. Kellestine.

In 1999, Wayne escaped an assassination attempt, only to be brought in front of a judge on weapons charges. He told the judge that he was through with biker gangs and plead guilty to 22 weapons charges and served two years in jail.

While I am not attempting to attack any one person or institution, I must point out the inconsistencies with the Liberal’s forceful assertions that they were intent on dealing with crime. Why would an individual who was known to frequent the inner circles of organized crime, who was implicated in a shooting, who was targeted by rival gangs, and who plead guilty to 22 weapons related charges only 4 years ago able to walk free? How does somebody with that kind of history and the seriousness of 22 weapons charges only spend 2 years in custody?

If the Liberals consider that a serious attitude towards crime, I for one am ecstatic (for those of you in college, that means really, really happy) that they lost the last election, and hope that they continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Canadians need and deserve real protection. Not the kind that wins elections, and not the kind that will placate Canadians until their memories fade, but protection that will not allow the same individuals to continue to commit serious criminal acts.

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