In a surprise move over the last month, (not), the Globe and Mail has continued to try and whittle away at Conservative support. In a story proclaiming a coming Liberal majority government, we found that the poll being used was around 4 months old, by accounts in the same paper the next day. Today? Another story by Brian Laghi, the fellow that wrote the story involving the poll discussed above. This one starts out with “Stephen Harper would have you think….” The article goes on to explain the different tactics the writer thinks each party will use with the released Gomery Report. At least Mr. Laghi is consistent in his very obvious contempt for the Conservative Party and its leader.


The sickest residents of the Kashechewan Reserve in northern Ontario have been evacuated in a medical rescue. Those who stayed behind are still drinking bottled water. It seems that the armed forces have moved in to supply up to 50,000 litres of drinkable water today. They will be bringing in their Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit, or ROWPU, to convert river water into drinkable supplies. ROWPU? Sounds like the cause of the e-Coli problem, doesn’t it? The residents will hopefully welcome our troops, as they are great at shoveling snow as well. It is not known whether Toronto will hire extra contractors this year to deal with the coming snows.

Some have been calling for the resignation of Indian Affairs Minister Andy Scott, but Prime Minister Martin has supported him. I have a suggestion that will show whether these two men really give a hoot. There are over 100 reservations under a boil water advisory. Kashechewan is in the news because of its chief going to Queen’s Park to get the ball rolling on this, after our provincial and federal governments have done little or nothing. Since the prime minister proclaims to be ‘shocked’ that this could happen in Canada, wouldn’t that suggest that he will now move to fix the problems throughout the entire country? Or perhaps this is just more lip service for gullible Canadians, that we may all feel better about ourselves? Time will tell. A ‘shocked’ prime minister would never stop at only one reserve, that would be political pandering, and he certainly wouldn’t be doing that, would he?


I am glad that the government has the money to do the things that it needs to do. I know we have promised to do things like rebuild schools that are sitting on contaminated land, tackle street crime, and fix health care. I am also glad that we can occasionally lend a hand to neighbours who need our assistance. We are still in the hole though, when we cannot afford to equip our military properly, or are unwilling to expand it to the point of being an effective defence. Why is it that we feel we are wealthy enough for the Canadian Space Agency, (we have one?) to spend $19.5 million dollars on a weather station to analyze the weather on Mars? Why worry about Mars when we don’t even know what is happening on this planet? Has everyone in our government gone mad? It seems that NASA wants to one day visit the red planet in a search for life. I suggest they check the inside of my sneakers. It would be cheaper and safer.

For those of you who care, Mars will be as close as 43.1 million miles from Earth tonight, at around 11:30 pm. It will give those who enjoy the heavens a great view of the red planet with even a cheap telescope. Let me know if you see any unusual weather patterns up there.


Iran is in the news. It seems that once again, that country is being ruled by a nutjob. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for the destruction of Israel, and recently attended an anti-Israel anti-West (that would be us) rally that welcomed more than 200,000 other nutjobs. Protestors were heard to be chanting “Death to Israel, Death to America.” I find it amusing that if some American clergyman were to espouse “Death to Ahmadinejad”, our media would be all over him? I am going to go out on a limb, and will probably be arrested by the Canadian “Hate Police.” If someone makes that suggestion, I think the rest of us ought to weigh it out. We should give evil no safe harbour.

As for Iran and its new Ayatollah, does it bother anyone at all that they are on the verge of obtaining the skills to assemble nuclear weapons? Perhaps a nation with a spine, like Israel, will take out their nuclear program before the point of no return arrives. The same was done against Iraq, with much success. Ah, the world just keeps getting more complicated.

In Moscow, Iran’s embassy issued the following statement. “Mr. Ahmadinejad did not have any intention to speak up in such sharp terms and enter into a conflict..” Well, coming from Moscow, this means less than little. Iran’s ambassadors have been back peddling all week from their President’s comments, but make no mistake, until the Nutjob himself retracts his words, they still stand. Until he publicly recants his hatred, he will continue to inspire and encourage Palestinian suicide bombers, the same one’s who think it holy to blow apart little Jewish children in their mothers’ arms.


After what has been called a “less than acceptable” offer by the European Union, World Trade talks are said to be on the verge of collapse. Here’s hoping. It seems that every time one of our leader’s signs one of these treaties, our standard of living drops and the politicians get wealthier. If WTO talks are now on the brink, I say give them a really big push. While developed nations have been accused of wanting to give too few concessions to developing nations, this to me is a one sided argument. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting to gut your own industries and to not wanting to sacrifice your own farmers on the altar of globalism.


Recent developments from Indonesia, land of the Great Tsunami, has it that it is extremely unhealthy to be a Christian. Authorities report that 4 teenage girls from a Christian school were attacked this week, resulting in injuries to one, and the beheading of the three others. Authorities have made no arrests. The attack occurred while the girls were walking through a cocoa plantation on their way to class in the Province of Central Sulawesi.

Since early 2002, there have been a series of bombings and attacks aimed at Christians.

Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country. Once again those who thought that by helping out in Banda Aceh, as we are in Pakistan and India, that the average Muslim would change his mind about those of us who are not Muslim, are proven to be totally wrong. There is no reasoning with evil, nor bargaining with those whom are filled with hate.


China has declared that it is bird flu free, at least of human cases. This comes a day after a 12-year-old girl has died of flu like symptoms, in a village affected by bird flu, after her and her father ate a chicken that got sick and died. Why any newsworthy organization would publish the headline in favor of China’s aim at propping up its unhealthy chicken industry is beyond this man.

As for China not coming clean about the true extent or magnitude of its current battle with yet another deadly disease, this should come as no surprise. The communist regime did the same thing last year with SARS. Time after time cases were buried, as to protect China’s national and economic interests. I suppose they are no different than anyone else. We must keep being skeptical of any official declarations from that country.

As for the bird flu epidemic, it is obvious to anyone that public education is the key to stemming the spread of this insidious disease. China claims to being doing just such a thing. One question screams to be answered in the midst of such a claim. How could anyone in their right mind, knowing the seriousness of this disease and its mortality rate, eat a chicken that got sick and died? I suggest that China is failing the rest of the world by not educating its citizens. Maybe if the regime wasn’t spending so much time filtering out the news from the rest of the world on the internet, their people wouldn’t be so ignorant.


That wraps up today’s lite look at the way things are.

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