The media has had a great time of it this week. With only a quarter cup of gunpowder in their arsenal, they have made it seem as though there was a full fledged war underway within the Conservative Party. It turns out that it was nothing more than smoke and mirrors, as well as some self-serving theatrics.

Carol Jamieson, vice-chair of the Conservative Party’s Toronto Council, pulled the pin out of a grenade this week and stuck it in her own mouth. Somehow she had thought that the detonation would kill Stephen Harper, but it in fact terminated Mrs. Jamieson. In a scathing attack on Mr. Harper’s leadership, Mrs. Jamieson held back nothing in an all-out rant. While there is no need to get into the letter itself, I must say that this woman is way off base, as well as a not-too-shrewd political operative. After all, there is nothing shrewd about blowing holes in your own boat. This was a temper tantrum and the coverage that the mainstream media is affording it is comical.

While she tried to make it sound as though Mr. Harper had no support, it seems that just the opposite is true. In a few days, I am guessing that people will be saying, “Carol who?” For one as politically savvy as she pretends to be, Mrs. Jamieson should realize that she just did the unforgivable. There is a time and a place to debate the leadership of a party. It is not the press, a public venue or forum, nor Parliament. It is in a caucus meeting or at a leadership convention. It seems that Mrs. Jamieson is following in the steps of Ms. Stronach, the bitter former Conservative MP who left the party out of frustration that she could not usurp power that she so desperately wanted.

While Mrs. Jamieson lists many grievances, one who looks closely at her complaints cannot escape the venomous tone, hardly something to be taken seriously. She alludes to the fact that she was instrumental in bringing Belinda Stronach aboard. If this is the type of conservative she can draw, I say good riddance. The last thing our party needs is a few leftists trying to turn us into another Liberal party. That is the last thing that this country can endure.

When the Conservative Party of Canada was formed, it became a party whose members were united by the common thread of conservatism. Its members hail from across Canada, and many differing views are present within it. There are those who wish to take the party to the right, while others wish to remain centrist. Others, as mentioned, would like us to become the Liberal party. While a party’s direction is always a subject that is open to debate, there is also a time for that in a party’s structure; approaching a writ is not that time.

Plainly put, all who are in this party must work together, and give and take on policy and party direction. Leadership, however, is not open for discussion. A member of a party has a chance for salesmanship and criticizing during a leadership review.

Not surprisingly, our media’s contempt for anyone or anything on the right continues with wall to wall coverage on anything that can shadow those of us who are conservative. It seems to be all they know how to do. Corruption abounds in our country’s highest house, but all the press can focus on is one malcontent’s tirade. How extremely sad for the country. To be sure, there are many in the Liberal party who are unhappy with its present leadership, and that is an ongoing issue as well. Not too long ago, the leader of the Liberal party fired one of his closest lieutenants. This man had divided his own party in a blatant attempt to wrestle power away from the leader. It was a shameful spectacle, and the man was no other than our current prime minister. There have also been recent complaints about Mr. Martin from within his own party, but that didn’t make the headlines.

Perhaps the Liberals have an extra office for Carol, maybe even right beside Belinda. Perhaps this was the plan all along. Anyone smell a plot?

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