It seems that the party of fairness, equality, and inclusiveness has just made another huge booboo. Someone inadvertently handed Stephen Harper a gift horse instead of a trojan horse.

Mike Klander, who is was second in command of the Liberal Party of Canada in Ontario has resigned in what is yet another scandal that is sure to place the waning Liberals yet another step out of the office of prime minister. On Friday, December 23, I stated that I thought we were aiming in a new direction, and that was a Conservative minority. I am now sure of it.

I believe that we should all have our own opinions, and I believe that each of us should be able to express those opinions, regardless of the content of the same. There are, however, consequences of doing such, especially if you represent a segment of society, a group of people, or claim to be what a Canadian should be. Being in politics is even more dangerous.

As well as being in politics, Mr. Klander runs a company called Klander and Associates which represents some of the biggest names out there such as Research in Motion, Imperial Tobacco, and Inco. One of the companies functions is to help their clients “help your business or association navigate through government decision making.” Mr. Klander was also named to the Board of Directors of The Cedarbrook Society in February 2005. The Cedarbrook society is a children’s charity, running a hospice program for severely ill children.

Mike Klander has some very provocative opinions, and many of them were touched upon over the holiday. I would like to elaborate just a bit more.

Here is a list of the 10 reasons that the Liberal Party believes that they will win the next election, as posted by Mike on November 21, 2005:

  1. Our tax cut is better than theirs
  2. Harper creeps people out
  3. Our jet is bigger than theirs
  4. Layton is a weasel
  5. They have Ralph Klein
  6. We have Earl Provost
  7. Unemployment is down to 6.6%
  8. Inflation is at 1.8%
  9. We won’t knock on your door
  10. Ontario

I noticed that there were no references to equal rights, health care, daycare, defense, foreign affairs, etc. That would explain why the Conservative Party had been the first to touch on each of those issues in this campaign. This list, while meant to be funny, also says a lot about how the Liberals truly regard you and me as basically shallow and stupid.

On Monday, November 28, Mike listed the 10 things that would upset him during the upcoming campaign:

———————-Here is a copy of his blog entry.

This Campaign Will **** Me Off

The campaign hasn’t even started but I’m going out on a limb to predict the the top ten things that will make me sick.

  1. Being dragged out to a Liberal rally, lied to so I’m there 30 minutes early, and then forced to stand in a hot room that’s way too small to give the appearance that everyone wants to be there.
  2. The terms “culture of entitlement”, “adscam” or “whistleblower”…blow this!
  3. Harper being flanked by the sexy Rona Ambrose at every opportunity
  4. Harper being flanked by the ethnic Rahim Jaffer at every opportunity
  5. Anyone who tells me that the only poll that counts is the one on election day
  6. The media’s overuse of the terms “vote-rich”, “seat-rich” or “battleground” Ontario
  7. Candidates who tell me that their “dedicated” and “committed” – yeah so what! So was Stalin
  8. The 10 day break during Christmas…I celebrate Christmas for two, maybe three days, it not like we’re fasting in the desert or something
  9. Talk of a Liberal “breakthrough” in BC…I’ve heard it before
  10. Olivia Chow

————————————————————–End of blog entry.

This one was fun. If this had been placed on the internet by a high ranking Conservative, Paul Martin would have put down his Made in China fork to get in front of the cameras. I can hear his speech already.

I’ll attempt to duplicate what I think he would say, but you will have to imagine him looking at the cameras with a very concerned look on his face. I can’t help you with that.

‘It seems to me that this individual has shown us more about his party than he had hoped to.

By the first item, we can see that he himself has little enthusiasm for his party or its attempt to be (re) elected. Why then would he hope Canadians would vote for the party that he represents? By his own admission, they jam the rooms to make it look like a good turnout.

By the third item, we can see that he is sexist. By the fourth item, racist. This is a clear indication of the calibre of person that is a member of that party.’

Mike Klander has been a top level advisor to Paul Martin, and it shows. Looking over his webpage, one can understand the mean spirited attack campaigns that have been levelled at the opposition, whoever they are at the time. Mike goes on to post a picture of Olivia Chow above a Chow dog with the caption “Separated at Birth.” He also posts a picture of Stephen Harper in a cowboy hat and states that he looks gay. Hmm, sounds a little anti-homosexual. I thought it was the Conservatives who were mean-spirited and non-inclusive? I believe that the smoke screen is now more than apparent.

In another strange twist, one of Mike’s links would have taken you to Ontario Liberal field organizer Chris Wakelin’s blog, but alas, that one strangely ceased from existing on the same day as Mike’s. Hmm, I wonder what we could have gleaned from that one?

I could drag this out, but you get the point. The Liberals are already in damage control, issuing statements to the effect that Mike Klander is only a volunteer. How they plan to hide this man’s stature and standing within their own political machine is going to be a lot of fun to watch.

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