The new leader of the opposition, Bill Graham, has gone on record during an interview on Parliament Hill as stating that the Liberals will not support a Tory government. Is anyone really surprised, and does anyone care?

In a move that smacks of grandstanding and of trying to set his own tone, Bill Graham has said that Stephen Harper will have to depend on the NDP and the Bloc if it wants to govern.

Key issues that the Liberals seem upset with are the Conservatives’ plans to shelve the monolithic daycare bureaucracy which the last government tried to place on the backs of all Canadian taxpayers, and the promised cut to the G.S.T.

Are these programs really worth the Liberals forcing us back to the polls? Yes and no. Forcing us back to the polls would be good for the Liberals and bad for Canada. It would lead to an upswing in voter apathy and contempt for the government. While this would be a setback for our democracy, it has always played well for the Liberal hand.

If one tried to uncover the true motives of this political bluster, one would come to an obvious conclusion. The Liberals, with absolutely nothing to lose, are playing a game of political bluff. If they can crank up the rhetoric enough to cause the Conservatives to compromise on their election promises, they will succeed in destroying the Conservative support that they have garnered with their popular platform. That is what this is really about. It is also about Mr. Graham setting himself up to look like a staunch Liberal, one that could perhaps run the Liberal tugboat; and if things went really well, he could take out his rival at the same time.

The Liberals, for their part, are in no shape financially to undergo yet another election campaign. Nor are the NDP. Add to that the massive backlash that would result from a quick election over something that Canadians have either voted for or have come to accept would be political folly.

Bill Graham knows this, that is why I call this what it is; political posturing. Of course, I have been wrong a few times, and I would gladly be wrong on this one.

Whatever happened to all those loud cries by the Liberals stating that Canadians wanted our political parties to co-operate? Why is it that a Conservative opposition wanted to make Canada’s parliament work, but this man refuses to consider it? Why is it that an election triggered by anyone else is a waste of taxpayer’s money, but this is acceptable? I guess it just further illustrates and shows the true colors of those who call themselves Liberal politicians.

They are self-serving and do not know when they have been defeated. They clamor for the wheel even when it is no longer their turn to drive. All they are going to succeed in doing is driving our government off of the road.

Go ahead, Bill. Trigger an election. I dare you.

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