With the execution of the sentence on Stanley “Tookie” Williams in California yesterday came a wave of nausea. I am not feeling ill because of this murderer paying his dues, but at the way the left is mobilizing to create yet another crisis to keep America off balance.

While lauding Arnold Schwarzenegger for his murderous revenge on the silver screen in films such as Total Recall and True Lies, it seems that Hollywood has a huge problem with him playing his new role as Governor of California with as much vigor.

Outside San Quentin prison, where Tookie has been stalling ‘the day’ with every appeal possible for more than two decades, inmates were treated to singer Joan Baez attempting to sing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. Somewhere in Cell Block C, someone was heard yelling “Make her stop!”

Tookie, one of the founding members of the Crips gang in Los Angeles, had been found guilty of murdering four people in a shooting spree, one of them being shot in the back twice with a sawed off shotgun. The people of California had weighed the evidence and found enough to proclaim Stanley “Tookie” Williams’ guilt. The death sentence was ordered, and Tookie was set to begin what is undeniably the longest, most arduous appeals system known to man. Lastly, the state and federal courts refused to intervene.

Mr. Williams is said to have made amends for the crimes that he committed. He also was said to have become a totally different person. “There is no part of me that existed then that exists now,” Williams said recently during several hours of interviews with The Associated Press. Unfortunately, he still resided in the body that a jury of his peers had found to be guilty of murder, and there is no escaping that.

While he may indeed have become a changed man, there is no forgetting the horror that Tookie and the other Crips’ founders unleashed on an unsuspecting L.A. in the 1970’s. There were a flurry of murders as the Crips and their main rivals, the Blood’s, fought over turf in a gang war that was reported on internationally. The Crips themselves have become an national organization, and have spawned an ever increasing gang mentality. Since their success, highly organized gangs have shown up in pretty much every major metropolitan centre in North America, and some even in Europe.

I can still remember the images from war-torn Los Angeles. That is exactly what some of the neighbourhoods that the gangs controlled resembled. The Crips were ruthless and brutal, which is why they are still around today.

The well-publicized hysteria is now taking on a global flavor as his homeland of Austria has spoken out against Governor Schwarzenegger. It seems that capital punishment is verboten, or forbidden, in Austria. Austrians apparently aren’t aware that Governor Arnie is now expected to uphold the laws and values of the people of California, not Vienna. The Green Party, a political party in Austria, has suggested that Arnold’s name be removed from Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadium. A Christian group has suggested renaming it to Tookie Stadium. I kid you not. To exalt this man to the status that some are must feel like a fresh new assault to the families of his victims.

Looking at this from a distance as I am, it doesn’t look much different than the war in Iraq, or the Israeli war on terror and suicide bombers. Our media is a madman’s darling and will always pick his side. Why is no one speaking out as loudly for the families that were shattered or annihilated at the hands of the violent Crips? Why are we not lamenting this man’s victims as loudly as we are applauding his achievements?

Stanley “Tookie” Williams spent the last 24 and a half years on Death Row. That is 24 years longer to make amends than he gave to his rivals who were cut down, and is a lot longer time to reflect than his other victims had. He apparently became a different man in those two dozen years. He had changed and said that the gangsta life is no good. That is wonderful. Stanley has written numerous books for children exhorting them to stay away from the gang scene, but that is not always a viable option, not in the neighbourhoods that Tookie helped to make.

While the ‘new’ Stanley Williams may not resemble the younger Stanley Williams, that is not the point in the least. The man who was found guilty of 4 counts of capital murder was the young Stanley Williams. The man who helped the Crips become one of the most notorious criminal organizations in American history was the young Stanley Williams. The man that was put to death yesterday by lethal injection was the young Stanley Williams. It seems that the young Stanley Williams was even able to deprive his later self of that precious thing called life.

It may indeed be a shame that the ‘new’ Stanley Williams had to die because of the actions of the young Stanley Williams, but he wasn’t the first.

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