Earlier this month I wrote about a video game which had hidden sexual content that was unlockable with a modification that you could download off of the internet. There was a huge uproar, and ConservativeJoe asked why. Joe doesn’t think that this kind of behavior or content is proper, but the outrage just doesn’t add up. It is as if senators like Hillary Clinton are just trying to find airtime.

The game in question need not be named, as we have all heard about it by now. The Entertainment Software Rating Board has changed its classification from mature to . Again, while I agree with the rating change, why is this the only outrage?

Here we have a game where the whole premise is to go around ‘wasting’ people, especially law enforcement personnel and gang members. On top of that, you must now be 17 years old to buy this game in a country where 36 states have laws that say you can be sexually active while younger than that. Does it make sense to anyone out there that we have to protect our children from watching cartoons do something that we openly encourage our children to do? We have not only given them the legal sanction, but we teach them how to do it ‘right.’

When parents stand up and ask for the state to teach abstinence, they are ridiculed and belittled, and called names like ‘right winger’ and ‘purists.’ They are told that their children need sex education so that they will have safe sex. When someone slips sexual content into a game, we come along and say that these teens are too young to see it. Why is it that the left insists that these kids are old enough to ‘do it’ but turn around and say they are too young to ‘watch it’?

Is it only me, or does this defy all logic?

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