I did an online search yesterday, using the keywords “Harper” and “hidden”, as I hear these used together almost on a daily basis.

The mainstream press is intent on brainwashing the Canadian voter to believe that the Conservatives have a secret plan, and for the most part, it is working. I am a little surprised by this, because I have always believed Canadians to be above being manipulated in this way. Hopefully, by exposing the media’s use of these words, and how they are used deliberately on a wide scale, the voter will see that these words are being passed around as talking points, to saturate the voter with them. As they say, repeat the same lie enough, and people will eventually believe it, but to be honest, repeating a thing does not make it true.

Here are some examples of what I found:

“Is he telling the Canadian public everything or does he have a hidden agenda?”
-CBC News Wed, 23 Jun 2004

Cdns. suspicious of a Tory hidden agenda: poll
“The Liberal Party’s strategy to portray Stephen Harper as an ideologue with a hidden agenda up his sleeve appears to be working.” Saturday, April 30, 2005

pollsters pontificate more Canadians than not still cringe at a Harper hidden agenda 
-Rick Bell, Calgary Sun columnist May 1, 2005

“…in the House of Commons Martin attacked Stephen Harper for having a hidden agenda…”
-Larry Zolf CBC News Apr 25 , 2005

“…federal Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh swept into Calgary… Dosanjh …added that “Canadians are rightly suspicious of Mr. Harper’s hidden agenda” on health….” May 11,2005

Morgentaler warns of Harper’s ‘hidden agenda’
“To me, it looks like they have a hidden agenda,” Morgentaler told The Canadian Press in an interview Friday. News Staff June 4, 2004

Liberal MPs Dominic LeBlanc, Françoise Boivin and Ruby Dhalla today challenged Stephen “Mr. Muzzle” Harper to undertake five key actions that would allow Canadians a peek at the Conservative Party’s hidden agenda.

“Stephen Harper has done everything short of yell ‘fire’ to keep media and the public distracted from the extreme policy views…” said Dominic LeBlanc, MP for Beauséjour. “He has a hidden agenda.”
-website for the Liberal Party of Canada Mar. 17, 2005

“…attitude is typical of Stephen Harper’s … truth of his party’s extreme views.”
-CanadianDemocraticMovement Mar 17, 2005

“…they are really worried about Stephen Harper and his extreme right-wing agenda…”
-CTV.CA May 24, 2005


Now if I am not mistaken, I believe I just uncovered a hidden agenda to make Stephen Harper look like he has a hidden agenda. It is sad that the left would resort to this, and even sadder that it is effective.

Mr. Harper, you should silence your accusers. ‘Fess Up. Tell them what you plan to do. You know, about the lower taxes, letting Canadians take care of themselves with their own money, about not wasting so much of the money that we spend on social services. Shout it. Shout the fact that spending money wiser doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to take care of the needy.

Scream that Canadians do not need their hands held in every area of life, but are better than that. Shout out the fact that we should stand by our allies, as our grandparents did, and that we should have a military that is equipped to defend our nation, with machinery that is not obsolete and deadly. Shout out the fact that Mr. Martin goes to a private clinic in Quebec, the same kind that you would allow in the rest of the country because they work. Don’t be ashamed of your beliefs, Mr. Harper, or no one will trust you. Shout it, Mr. Harper, and repeat it until you are blue in the face. Tory Blue.

And the next time you hear the term ‘hidden agenda’, think of the Liberal’s using millions of your dollars to win the next election, and to buy mp’s off, and to cover their tracks, and to bribe Canadians, and to….

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