As much as I have disliked the last 3 or 4 Liberal Prime Ministers, it is almost with a twinge of pity that I look upon the present day federal Liberal party. Okay, seriously now. Watching the list of people who don’t want the leadership position of the federal Liberals is getting really funny to watch.

Especially funny are those few self serving individuals who are chomping on the bit to grab the reins, but are afraid to take the step of committing themselves to it. Perhaps they are waiting for the party to beg them to lead. After all, we can’t be very far off from that level.

Since all of the high profile members of the party have either been barred from it, or are disgraced and/or embarrassed, the position is in such low demand that members of other parties, either present or former, are now considering a run for it. After all, what are principles when there is real power to be had?

Among those considering the post? Rumour has it that Belinda is seriously considering throwing her hat into the ring of fire. (There’s a big surprise.) How one could go from wanting to be the leader of the Conservative Party to wanting to be the leader of the Liberal Party and still be able to have even a sliver of credibility says volumes about the amount of character we expect in our leaders.

There is also Bob Rae, former Premier of Ontario, who managed to destroy Ontario’s economy, lower its credit rating, and plunge Ontarians into more debt in four years than was accumulated in all of Ontario’s history. While I do not use the word lightly, I pray that Mr. Rae is only pulling our bilingual leg. Should it look like a seriously possibility that he could become the voice of the federal liberals, then my advice to you all is SELL! SELL! SELL! Watch the stock market tank. Investors have a much better memory than the average Canadian.

While no mention has been made of Buzz, I would not be surprised to see embattled NDP member Buzz Hargrove throw his collectively bargained head covering in as well. After cutting the legs out from under federal NDP leader Jack Layton during the last federal election campaign, Buzz is sure to have more friends in the Liberal party at this time.

All said, it is a horrible situation to see our country appear headed for only one political party on the radar screen again. As in the years where there was a strong federal Liberal party and a fractured Conservative gathering, we are again entering a stage where the governing party will have no serious opposition and that never bodes well for us; the average Canadian.

While I am sure that the present collective in Ottawa is far more receptive to accountability than the last, we must find a balance where once again, we have more than one party functioning at any given time.

Perhaps if we promise the new Liberal leader he won’t have to paint that big ugly “L” on his forehead.

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