What a long eight weeks this election campaign has been. It has been long, rough, and very insightful. We have seen the true colors of the likes of Stephen Harper, Paul Martin, Jack Layton, Ralph Goodale, Buzz Hargrove, and many others. We have seen what each of them truly stands for, and what they are all willing to do to obtain that ultimate aphrodisiac, power. Some of them have switched their mantra and have compromised earlier stated personal principles, some of them have stayed the course.

Some of them have passed the test of whether they have integrity and character, and some of them have been truly lacking. I need not elaborate on who did what, as we have seen it ad nauseum.

I think that voter turnout will be higher than the last election. If it is not, then it is simply because diehard Liberals couldn’t be bothered.

The most exciting part of this election is that the media has truly acknowledged that people like me who write out their beliefs for others to absorb and think on, and people like you, who take the time to learn and understand the differences in the parties and the leaders, are making a profound impact on policy and politics in this country.

I have heard some of the big media lamenting on bloggers and editors. Some have said that we would be nothing without them, as they are the one’s who publish the stories to begin with. For the most part, this is true, but their consternation confirms the fact that they are frustrated at losing the keys to the news and the powerful decision of deciding which news would make it into our homes and hearts. There have been many stories that have started on blogs, such as the Liberal military ad fiasco, the Mike Klander blogs, and now the fact that schools in Ontario are apparently using official Elections Canada ballots for their mock elections. For some to be able to get hold of real ballots before an election gives the opportunity for election rigging and completely negates our democratic election system.

Any unscrupulous individual can acquire these ballots in this way and simply stuff ballot boxes on election day. These allegations need to be addressed publicly and quickly, and that would never happen without the role of cutting edge independent and personal websites; one’s that the power hungry and influential cannot manipulate.

As well, the internet is allowing the flow of fresh new ideas, and old one’s that are simply not allowed to be thought on our cable channels. For the most part, our news is sanitized and spun to reflect the media’s preferences and biases as they attempt to sway public opinion and as they engage in journalistic activism instead of simply reporting the news. The internet has allowed opposing viewpoints to get equal time, and conservatives are winning in the arena of ideas because liberalism is a dead end economically, morally, and intellectually.

On a side note, I have found some great clips online and I have made up a few of my own. They are now listed on the right hand column near the top. As well, they will reside on my archives page, should anyone wish to view them in the future. If you wish to place any of them on your website, simply email me for permission.

Doesn’t the sky look bluer today? It should, it’s the last full day of Mr. Martin.

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