Talk about Adscam trial #2 involving Chuck Guite and Jean Breault is starting to filter into the news media. The two men are accused of defrauding the federal government of $2 million. Both have maintained their innocence from the outset of their accusal.

The judge to hear the case, Justice Fraser Martin, hopefully no relation to Paul, has indicated that he fears that the two men will not receive a fair trial should the Gomery report be released on schedule. While many will decry this new development, for once, this is a judge with well founded fears. As Canadians, we have been shocked and disgusted by the bureaucratic and political corruption surrounding the Liberal party and the sponsorship program. To take any chances, any risk, of allowing these two alleged mobsters to walk away due to a mistrial because some other Liberal friendly judge decides that they did not receive a fair trial a few months down the road would be the last straw. Any convictions obtained by the crown would be tossed aside, and we just can’t take that chance. One man has already absconded with his freedom.

Naturally, the prime minister or justice minister will have to broach this issue. Indeed, Justice Martin has said that he expects to hear from the federal government within a week’s time. This will set the stage for some more theatrics in Parliament. To be sure, the opposition parties will be going for blood should the Liberal’s call for delaying the Gomery report. Mr. Harper and his conservatives should NOT stand up and demand the Gomery report’s release. The reason for this is simple. While some conservatives are ready to go to the polls, Canadians are not. That has been made abundantly clear. To do anything further that irritates the electorate will not help their cause. Standing up and criticizing the decision to either place a ban on publication of the report, or of delaying its release, will look like grandstanding.

Mr. Harper has done a lot of sweeping in his office, and granted, much was needed. Now that the shuffles have been made, and new advisors are in place, it is time to be wise. If I were in Mr. Harper’s shoes, when this announcement is made, and it will be made, Mr. Harper should stand up and state unequivocally that he supports the prime minister on this matter. “Justice must be served, and Canadians will stand for no less. They have already watched one person slide from any meaningful punishment. To have two others possibly do the same is not an option for the Conservative Party, or for Canadians. We can wait, because the report will be no less damning of this government six more months from now, and Canadians will not forget this betrayal.” Mr. Harper will look like a beacon of hope, and it will take Mr. Martin and friends completely by surprise.  All of the one-liners and rebuttals they already have written will be useless.  The media will have zero ammunition.  Wouldn’t that be something?

Anyone who follows law even remotely knows that Justice Martin is on the side of Canadians. We cannot, no, we must not take a chance on blowing this trial. It is too important. If all of the accused parties in this complex organized crime scheme should walk away without handcuffs on, I believe it would be a horrible blow to our democracy and would only serve to increase voter apathy and indifference, especially with our youth.

Any attempt to score points off of something that a majority of Canadians can see the truth in, will only look like whining and sniveling. I talk to people about politics daily, and most are turned off. There is no decorum, nor common sense anymore. The people I talk to, for the most part, don’t understand the outrage. They don’t feel that the Liberals have done something so bad. Opinion is changing, however, as more and more people have their eyes opened by people who care enough to explain to them how they are being manipulated. As much as Conservatives like myself would like to see this driftwood removed from our shore, I don’t think that it is a sure thing. Any appearance of grandstanding by Stephen Harper will only backfire, and that is the last thing that I would like to see.

Voters are looking for leaders. They want to see decorum, respect, dignity, and maturity. It is time that we took the high road. Only then will the average Canadian see the disgrace that the Liberal party truly is. We must simply outshine them, an obviously easy task, especially with people of integrity like Mr. Harper and Mr. MacKay to name only two of many.

I believe that Conservatives have great ideals, and great ideas. We must win our votes by getting them across to the voters. We can’t keep pounding on the Liberals and hope to win an election like that. It just isn’t going to work.

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