Elizabeth May, a 52 year-old environmental activist, has just been chosen as the newest leader of the Green Party of Canada. For those who are unfamiliar with this political party, it is one that is founded on the principles that we need a sustainable plan for our planet.

On the surface, that sounds very reasonable, but when one looks into exactly what this party proposes, it leaves the reader more than just a little leery.

I will not go into the theatrics of fear simply because those are reserved for the mainstream media and their incessant attack of the Conservative Party. I will simply lay out some information which many who may consider this party a viable alternative may not know.

For many, the idea of an environmentally conscious government would be a welcome change. We all need to live on the planet together, and we all need clean water and fresh air. Just what does the Green Party have in mind to preserve these fundamentals?

First of all, no one government can make all of the changes necessary to accomplish all that must be done. The Greens, on the other hand, have no plans to win just one government. They are an international party with chapters all over the world including South America, Europe, North America and Africa. Their presence is becoming more well known and thus, the threat that they pose to national identities and democracies is very real and very worrisome.

When it comes to the environment, the Greens’ global charter states that we must understand that many of the world’s peoples and nations have been impoverished by the long centuries of colonisation and exploitation, creating an ecological debt owed by the rich nations to those that have been impoverished – What exactly does this mean? It could mean many things, but on the surface, it would appear that the Green Party would penalize all of the successful nations of the earth for ‘raping and pillaging’ all of the nations who have failed because of a lack of leadership. Doesn’t that sound a lot like the assertions of many that Kyoto was simply a mechanism to transfer wealth from one nation to another?

The charter also states that we learn to live within the ecological and resource limits of the planet – This may seem to be a simplistic statement, but again, just what does this mean? At a quick glance, this principle seems sound and reasonable, but there are many nagging questions that the Green Party must be forced to answer clearly before receiving any of our support. For instance, who decides what the limits on our planet are? Will this entail population control such as there is in China, with a one child per family policy? Will those who do not adhere be forced to abort? Will there be an attempt at global population reduction?

These questions may seem a little stretched out, but do some checking. There are many in powerful positions who would like to see our planet’s population drastically reduced. The Green Party, in fact, advocates the same. More on that later.

Next on the alert list is the assertion that a new vision of citizenship built on equal rights for all individuals regardless of gender, race, age, religion, class, ethnic or national origin, orientation, disability, wealth or health – This is another sketchy feel good paragraph that could have tremendous ramifications for most of us who call ourselves North Americans. Just what exactly does this new vision of citizenship mean? Will we do away with nations and become one big, happy, global family? Will we adopt communism, where no one owns anything and the state owns all, including you? We have seen how well that has worked around the world. Stagnation and decay flourish. Then again, that is the goal of the Greens.

The Greens go on to speak of a global army capable of putting down any insurrection and any resistance. That is not how the paragraph is phrased, but do your own math. “We believe that security should not rest mainly on military strength but on co-operation, sound economic and social development, environmental safety, and respect for human rights.” – Sounds pretty good so far, except that this is perhaps a sign that the Green’s would not only discontinue the rebuilding of our armed forces, they would naively and foolishly allow them to once again decay into an obsolete organization. Without a healthy deterrent against aggression, there is no peace. Read history.

It continues. This requires a global security system capable of the prevention, management and resolution of conflicts – I’m sure the Taliban and terror networks would welcome such a force. Not only is this arrogant, it amounts to a One World Government.

Remember that population control thing I mentioned?

In the sustainability section of their global charter, the World Green Party states that population and material inequity must be halted and reversed. – This does not entail simply birth control, but the systematic reduction of human life on this planet. Note the word ‘reversed’.

Sustainability will also require eliminating the causes of population growth by ensuring both men and women greater control over their fertility – thus abortion on demand and the popular morning after pill.

As for our energy needs, the Green Party strictly opposes all forms of nuclear power. They also oppose oil and coal, and obviously would never agree to let us use more natural gas than the planet would be able to reproduce. Again, we know not how this would be measured, but simply that new enforcements and strict controls would be placed upon us all.

In short, the Green Party would like to see borders erased, freedoms curtailed, the economy to simply stop and reverse, and would also like to see a few billion of us kick off rather quickly. Those of us who are left would not be able to fart more than the plants in our living room would be able to digest, and we would obviously not be free to have the families which we would choose to have.

As for Elizabeth May, I don’t personally know her. She has a solid reputation and has done much good for our nation, including being instrumental in the creation of several national parks as well as fighting for the environment. I laud her efforts and her strong principles and in no way am I attempting to assassinate her character, but I must assert once more that the political party she has aligned herself with is nothing short of scary.

Elizabeth has declared that her party will win seats in the next general election in Canada. I pray that she is mistaken.

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