I woke up this morning to some bad news. My wife, in her haste at the grocery store this week, purchased what she believed to be a stuffed turkey. She loves those Butterballs, the ones you just throw in the oven. Well, it seems that the turkey was not stuffed, and this morning, to her horror, she realized that it would take 3 days to thaw this beast so that she could remove the giblets from within the turkey. You can’t really start to cook it with a plastic bag in its chest cavity, so, no turkey tonight.

My wife was extremely upset, putting herself down for being so careless. While the part of me that thought he could actually smell that baby cooking for the last 4 days wanted to scream “You’re right! Can’t you read?!!”. I refrained, and my thoughts quickly came to the only obvious sane response. I pointed out that we weren’t going to go hungry, we weren’t expecting guests, and we were all together and safe.

You see, the initial disappointment was so fleeting that it didn’t even have a chance to manifest itself into speech that would have been regretted instantly. Having no turkey would devastate many people I know, but to me I say, “What’s the big deal.” We will have it next weekend, and the extra week of anticipation will make it taste only that much better.

Watching the news these days is an epic feat as we seem to be going through horrible times all over the earth. Just the last month or two, tens of thousands have died, more were injured, millions, absolutely millions are homeless. In Guatemala, towns are buried, creating instant crypts. India and Pakistan are reeling at entire villages that are gone. Utter devastation. The American southeast is destroyed, smashed by two monster hurricanes. China has been utterly savaged by typhoons for the past two months. Boy, having to wait another 5 days to eat my turkey hardly seems worth mentioning.

I called this article ‘Thank You’ for a couple of reasons. Obviously, because it is Thanksgiving Day, for one. But more than that. I would like to thank all of you who have taken the time to write me. For the positive letters, I thank you for your support. For the bitter, hate filled letters, thank you, you remind me I am on the right course.

To Almighty God, whom has given me such a wonderful life, and much, much more than I am deserving of. I have 5 children, blessings that do not escape my thoughts for very long. I have a wonderful wife, who still makes my heart flutter, even after 17 years together. I am blessed to have found a soul mate.

I am thankful that I live in a country that, for the most part, is spared the utter devastation that nature can wreak. I know we have flooding and droughts in the west, blizzards in the east. We sometimes even get brushed by hurricanes, but nothing, absolutely nowhere near the carnage that most other countries on the planet must endure.

I have family, the kind that goes out of their way for you. I have friends that I can count on, and a place to call home. For the most part, I am healthy, as are my wife and children. It is nice to sit back and truly reflect on our blessings.

I think I can get through the next 5 days. Hey, guess what? My wife just discovered some frozen turkey stew in the deep freezer, Yum. Gotta go!

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