Once in a while I will surf the net looking for a worthy topic for an article. It’s a bit of work, and one which I really don’t enjoy doing. Most of my writing is derived from issues that are in the news that I have a particular thought on, and I usually don’t resort to web surfing for my inspiration. Sometimes though that little light just doesn’t come on and I actually have to perform something that closely resembles work.

My usual places for material include some other right-leaning websites as well as the most fanatical leftist sites. It is on the latter that I can usually find something to espouse on or something that just doesn’t mesh.

I was on People For The American Way (PFAW for the rest of the story) this morning, and began to read their stance on some proposed tightening of border patrols and controls. Anyone who watches the news knows that for the most part, Texas has become part of Mexico. I am not stating that there is anything wrong with Mexico, but Texas is supposed to be an American state. It has been widely reported in the last few years that the border between Mexico and Texas, anywhere from the edge of the Rockies to the Gulf of Mexico, is a huge sieve.

Not only have American citizens had enough, they have organized a renegade border patrol called the Minutemen, which has become quite popular and well known for its work in heading off illegal immigrants trying to enter their country.

In response to the concerns of American citizens, the government is now mulling over new legislation that would make it harder for illegals to function within the country. PFAW have come out against this legislation, stating that it will “deprive immigrants of access to education or health care,” and that it will “discourage voting by new citizens.

Now on the surface these sound like, and truly are, legitimate humanitarian concerns. After all, who would like to show up to a hospital in need of assistance only to be turned away? The problem with the quotes from the page off of the PFAW website is that they are intentionally misleading and incomplete. The proposed law which some are working to enact specifically targets illegal immigrants, not all immigrants. The legislation is not anti-immigrant, it is anti-illegal immigrant. And since when should anyone who entered the U.S. illegally have any rights at all, let alone access to the education and health care systems?

The system of government that Americans enjoy is not provided by the American government itself. It is representative of its people. It is funded, in full, by the people who get up to go to work each day and by the corporations that power its economic engine. The government’s money is derived mainly from those two sources. American social programs, such as hospitals, are funded by governments which has already been shown to simply be the people.

Since Americans have built up their nation and fund its programs, what right do those who do not reside within its borders, thus do not contribute to it, have to access those programs? In fact, what right should somebody that enters another nation have at all?

Personally, I believe that any nations’s rights should only extend to its own citizens. Period. Not a guy that gets off a plane. Not a criminal from abroad. And certainly not to somebody who jumped the immigration queue and entered onto American soil illegally. They should, in fact, be taken at gunpoint back to their own border and returned. Re-entry should be met with a considerably long imprisonment.

There is no other way to ensure the security of America than to crack down on the porous border that encircles almost the entire northern and southern borders. I find it incredible that America seems to have no more control over its border with Mexico than Iraq does with Iran or that Afghanistan has with neighboring Pakistan.

For a nation to entrust its security and borders, thus its continued existence, to its own private citizens in makeshift border patrolling is beyond the scope of any sane logic, especially for one as technologically advanced as the United States is.

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