Ah, once again, our socialist-activist-shoplifter-former-NDP-MP, Svend Robinson, has hit the headlines. It seems according to government ledgers, the infamous leftist was awarded $10,000 for pain and suffering for a cut he received during his attendance at the 2001 free trade summit in Quebec City. If I had known that a cut paid that well, I would have attended the same summit with a razor blade taped to each thigh. Surely I could have made at least $20,000.

The payout stems from a complaint launched with the RCMP Public Complaints Commission. It seems as though there is a feeling that excessive force was used. Now I don’t know about you, but when and if I ever attend a protest, I am going to assume that it could get ugly. After all, protests are usually heated and passionate, especially protests having to do with economic issues such as G8 ministers summits and free trade discussions.

When asked if the payout had eased his pain and suffering, he stated that he was bound by confidentiality laws and could not answer the question. Right. Who wrote that one, your doctor? Quite the open system we have here in Canada.

The former MP, who represented the riding of Burnaby-Douglas for a quarter century, resigned last year after being caught stealing a $50,000 diamond ring for his boyfriend. He has stated that he may run for the NDP party again, possibly in Vancouver Centre against the incumbent Liberal. By the sound of it, this man would fit right into the Liberal Party.

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