I read the strangest thing tonight. It seems that the Liberal Party is upset that the NDP Party is not attacking the Conservative Party. In fact, the Liberal Party is now attacking the NDP Party.

Prime Minister Martin said today that Jack Layton has been “making some very strange comments.” Actually, he is simply as fed up and disgusted with the tactics of the Liberals as everyone else. He also does not want to look like he is a party to the desperation that is now enveloping the Liberal camp like the plague of death that swallowed Egypt.

Mr. Martin is publicly voicing his dismay over the fact that Jack Layton is attacking the Liberals and not Stephen Harper’s Conservatives. I find it absolutely astonishing that Mr. Martin finds this surprising. This is simply just another very real indicator of how much this man feels that he is the only rightful ruler of Canada. I don’t think that the thought of losing this election ever entered his mind. Even now I bet he is unsure of just what is unfolding in our politics.

I must say that I am even prouder to be Canadian this week than last, as Canadians have restored my faith in their ability to see through four inches of mud to the issues that are being debated, and unlike the last election, they are not being scared into changing their vote, but are instead using reason instead of emotion to help them make a wise choice. They have not been intimidated or scared by the doom and gloom ads and speeches. In fact, the only one who appears scared right now is Paul Martin.

Canadians are starting to sound like Canadians again, and are awakening from their liberal induced coma en masse. I hear more and more people saying it is time for a change. However, I wish that I was hearing something different. I would love to hear Canadians stand up for the principles that are important. We should be shouting that no one is going to take us for a ride, and that no one is allowed to steal from us with impunity.

After all, we are Canadians. We were once the envy of all, a beacon to the world. People from all of the other countries on the globe once set their sights on our glorious shores. For the past decade, we have gone from being seen in that light to a huge joke. I am not slamming Canada, I am simply reiterating what I hear over and over from people around the world online.

Now we will show the world that we can’t be frightened into a one party system. We have had many changes of direction and power before this election, and it has always served to diversify us and to protect us from tyranny.

Canadians are amazing, but I don’t think Mr. Martin has any knowledge as to the depth of who we truly are.


On a side note, Joe’s election prediction. With 5 more days to go, I predict 160 seats for the Conservatives. Highlights will be the 30 seats in Quebec, and the Aurora riding will be the sweetest seat of them all.

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