As we awaken this morning, the social and political landscape looks very different. Gay marriage has become law in Canada, and now Conservatives all over this land will start to point fingers in blame and shake their heads in disbelief.

It should come as no surprise to most of us. All one had to do to see this coming is read the newspaper or watch the news over the last 40 years. Our country’s moral and value system has been crumbling for a long time, and when a foundation is crumbling, you fix it. If you don’t, the structure collapses. It is fundamental logic, and applies to everything.

What has happened is not only the fault of the liberal media or the socialists who run our education system. We cannot place all of the blame on Paul Martin and his Liberal government, either. If we want to assign guilt, conservatives had better look in the mirror.

For much of my lifetime I have heard people with faith and convictions, for the most part, complain about the state of things in this country without doing anything about it. It is always the same two arguments. I hear them say that all politicians are the same or they complain that they can’t do anything about the way things are, so they allow the decay to occur by simply giving themselves an excuse why it isn’t their fault.

We hear church leaders state that Christians should stay out of government, but keep praying. These folks need a reality check. Every person of faith who does not play an active role in how this government is run has just allowed the biggest shift in our moral standards in this country’s history to come about. The men and women who built our country were people of faith. This is not conjecture, this is fact. They placed monuments to their faith, with references to God, all over our country. They were very active in government. The right has bought into the separation of church and state lie that the left has been repeating ad nauseam. There is no separation guarantee in our Charter, and even if there was, would it matter? We are fighting for our children and for what is right.

Our Conservative politicians are not blameless, either. This area is no different from the rest of society. We have been molded into a centrist entity by the press and the left. We have tried for decades now to appease all, to not be offensive. We have sold our birthright in this country by not fighting for it tooth and nail as the left has. We have not organized and come together like the left has. We have been accused of not representing all Canadians. By standing firm and steadfast for truth is the best way to represent all Canadians, those that are here, and those to come.

As a country, we have elected poor representatives. We have focused on national parties, instead of individuals who are running for government. I am guilty of this as well. We need to fundamentally change our way of thinking when we vote. We need to organize, rally, and support people of character, no matter what their affiliations. There are social conservatives in all parties.

We need to start fighting to take back our institutions. First and foremost, we need good, honest people to run for our school boards. Once there, they can reinstate character based education. If we don’t win back the hearts and minds of our children, we need not even leave the house in the morning, as we are done before we start.

We need to infiltrate the media as they have infiltrated our institutions, to counter the biased anti-right bashing that is rampant. We can only affect change from within, any attempt from outside is futile.

We allow our children to listen to philosophies on television and in the movies that we wouldn’t embrace ourselves.  We have allowed them to be constantly exposed to things that are contrary to what we were taught.  Is it any wonder that we are at the place we find ourselves?  Do you think that these things don’t matter or have any effect on the decisions they will make?

Conservative individuals need to fight to stop the state from raising our children. Why do you think the left wants universal daycare so bad? Talk to your friends and family. Show them why it is so much better for them to raise their own children, to instill values in their hearts, values for a strong country, a strong nation, a nation that they will inherit. If you take not the time to teach your children the values and truths you know, you short change them for life. I bet if you tried, you could find a way to spend more time with them.

Things will not change in our lifetime. We need to teach the next generation our mistakes, then wait for them to grow up and be heard. We have to speak up. Let the left call us what they will, they have used ridicule as a weapon very effectively. Political correctness is in everything in this land and we need to kill it. This is the only way the tide in this country will turn.

The next time there is a protest at Queen’s Park or in Ottawa for a cause you believe in, take the time to show up. Organizers should make more people aware of the event, and conservative minded people should act as one. Call your MP. How many of you complain, but don’t take the time to tell someone that could do something about it? Most MP’s I talk to lament the fact that no one tells them what or how they feel about issues. Don’t wait for an issue to be brought up by the other side, bring it up yourself. Our apathy and whining about not being able to do anything has justified to ourselves that not doing anything is acceptable.

Well, you reap what you sow, and if you don’t sow, you go hungry. The next thing to go is religious freedom. If you think I am way off base, you had better start brushing up on your history. Some of us have been ringing the alarm for years, but no one was listening. Let this be a wake up call to us, and to our American neighbors.

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