A group of Toronto activists are calling for the recent killing of a homeless man to be treated as a hate crime. The individuals calling for the tough measure believe that Paul Croutch, a 59 year old homeless man, was targeted for the simple fact that he was homeless.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some penalties with some teeth in Canada? Perhaps then some crimes wouldn’t have to have a special interest group trying to get it labeled as a hate crime just so some serious punishment could be meted out.

Are we at a crisis for prison space in this country, or have the liberal activists succeeded in getting inmates so many ‘extras’ that we simply can’t afford to incarcerate these individuals any longer? What is it that merits a murder having an extra stigma attached to it just to have the perpetrators punished harshly? One would think that in a civilized society, those who insist on resorting to violence would be removed from the general population, hence increase safety and that all important global productivity rate. Okay, I am digressing.

Murder is murder. The men who killed a helpless senior should be sent somewhere for a long, long time. As for the hate crime aspect, it is ridiculous that we would even have to consider a motion of this sort. All murders are born out of hatred of one type or another.

Police have charged three men, Canadian Armed Forces reservists no less, with murder.

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