In a trend that is sure to make the most ardent feminist pull her own nails out, it seems that some of the brightest women are shutting down their careers to do what seems right to them. They are staying home and raising their children.

Linda Hirshman is a professor, author, and lawyer. She had been reading the wedding announcements in the New York Times and noticed how many high-powered successful women were tying the knot and settling down. That is when she decided to do some research. Her results were highlighted on a recent edition of Sixty Minutes. I must add that Mrs. Hirshman thinks that a woman who stays at home wastes her potential. It’s too bad that she is not as wise as the women she interviews.

She recalls how the project began. “The first man I called answered the phone, and I told him what I was doing, and I said, ‘Where’s your wife?’ And he said ‘She’s at home in Brooklyn taking care of our daughter.’ And it turns out, …eighty-five percent of the women in my sample are staying home either full-time or part-time.”

Why is it that the women that should be reaping the benefits of the women’s lib movement are now forsaking their new found opportunities? Could it be that they have been lied to? For years, our daughters have been told by their professors that they can have it all, the brass ring, the wedding ring, and the children. What has happened is that society has gone on a downward spiral. It is just not possible to have it all. Something will always suffer.

I am so glad that there are still women who will sacrifice what they could be for what they know they should be. It is reassuring to see that 40 years of propaganda cannot overcome the human spirit. Many women have been ridiculed for staying home by those who were too selfish to do it themselves. We now have a huge chunk of the current generation of children that were raised by strangers outside the home. It is no wonder so many of them feel no connect to what is right and wrong, as there has been no one there to teach them.

Hirshman’s research is astounding. She concludes that we are heading into the 1950’s all over again. The women who are staying home are not exactly your run of the mill bingo players, either. They are the brain trust. The women who would have been CEOs of major corporations, top lawyers, judges, senators. They would have held the jobs that run our world. They are the top of their class, and many were already soaring to the top of their professions and holding down positions of power and great financial reward. The question we should extract from all this is if all of the brightest women are staying home, what does that do to the argument that the feminists are trying to get across? I guess the higher education that these women have received has allowed them to think for themselves and see through the lies.

A woman can be anything she chooses, and that argument has been put to rest. The lesson that these women are teaching is so much different, and so much more valuable. It isn’t always what you can be, how high you can fly. That isn’t humanity.

Raising your own children is. It is not a burden, or a curse, but an honour and a privilege, and it is the most important and rewarding profession of all.

If you choose to have a career, that is your choice, and it is hardly anyone else’s business, but if you don’t think that it comes without a cost, you are mistaken. To abhor having to raise your children sends what kind of message to them? That they are a burden? How about sacrificing what you want to give to them what they need? What does that say they are worth? It is about time the women who choose to raise their children were praised and held up high like they used to be.

I love it when the truth prevails.

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