In a bold move, and a surprising one at that, the Ontario government has decided to end all faith based arbitration in family court. While the debate over Shariah law being used grew louder and louder, spilling over the globe as protests were launched as far away as Luxembourg and Paris, Ontario has finally heard some common sense and embraced it.

While I am hesitant to give a man who is a blatant liar at times any credit, this writer believes that the decision by Mr. McGuinty is a wise one. While I in no way want to see further eradication of Jewish or Christian input in our country, as this has helped make us what we are, I know without hesitation that the Supreme Court, in its infinite failings, would simply have put Shariah law into practice had Ontario refused to do so while keeping the tenets of other faiths in its family law. This was the only legal route to stop Shariah law, and stop it for the indeterminate future.

Leaders of Christian and Jewish groups acted with stunned protests yesterday after the announcement was made. Complaints ranged from outright decrying the ban, to complaints that they were not consulted. As a Christian myself, I find the complaints somewhat misleading and hollow. My wife and I have made decisions regarding marriage, separation and divorce, and estate planning based on our faith. We both share the same faith and are in full agreement. It is no one else’s business, and surely not the government’s place to stick its nose into our affairs. We can do it without the courts telling us we may or may not.

Shariah law, on the other hand, is drastically anti-woman. While one may wish to embrace it, they may do so by simply moving to a strict Muslim country like perhaps Iran. While the parts of Shariah that were being sold seemed harmless on paper, it was the proverbial ‘foot in the door’ that scared people the most. Remember the Afghanistan Taliban movement?

The decision by the McGuinty government is also in keeping with the one law for all stance that Canada prides itself on. This apparently doesn’t include our politicians, but hey, no one’s perfect. As for faith, we will keep that within our home and use it to guide our affairs from there.

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