Well, here we are. Same place as yesterday. Nothing much has changed. Canadians still stand around while the Liberals empty their cupboards, unable to do anything about it. Sure, we could vote for someone else, but who? They are all so scary. Aren’t they?

I keep hearing my fellow Canadians tell me how scary everyone else but the Liberals are. Let’s cut through all the innuendo and look at some facts and quotes from the news from over the years. There are pages and pages, so I have put up just a few, but you will quickly see the point, which is, nothing but lies.

“I would abolish the GST.” 

– then Liberal MP and now Prime Minister Paul Martin ~ Montreal Gazette, 1990 April 4th

“We hate it and we will kill it.”

– former Prime Minister Jean Chretien ~ 1994 May 2nd Ottawa Citizen in regards to the GST.

“The Liberals will scrap the goods and services tax if they win the next general election.”

– then Liberal Leader Jean Chretien before his first victory 1990 October 29th, Toronto Star

The Reform Party went on to table legislation in the house to repeal the GST because the Liberals wouldn’t. The bill was defeated by Jean Chretien’s government. The next election, the Chretien Liberals were once again given a majority government.

The point with all this is that here we had a party willing to do what was promised, not by them, but by the governing party. They tabled the legislation because the Liberals had no intention of doing it. When the next election rolled around, the media painted an extreme right view of the Reform Party and Canadians bought into it. We had a chance to show the Liberal Party that they couldn’t lie to obtain power over us, and we had an alternative to the corruption, but we did not have the courage to seize the opportunity.

“Better to choose the devil we know.” is what the media proclaimed. I think Canadians should have proclaimed, “We will NOT be lied to. We demand better.” Instead, we took the status quo. Canadians bought into the ‘right wing conspiracy’ nonsense.

At the onset of the last federal election, Mr. Martin set the tone by scaring Canadians. He said that further tax cuts could not be made by Harper or himself without seriously gutting Canada’s social programs. He warned that the Conservatives and their financial plan would destroy the Canada that we hold so dear. It would be the end of our social programs. We would become Americanized.

This month in Montreal, the same laws of physics apparently didn’t apply. Here are Mr. Martin’s own words from a speech he gave:

“We need to reduce taxes. We have already reduced them by over $100 billion over the past five years. It is the largest tax reduction in the history of Canada. But we need to continue.”

One with any sense can only conclude that either our prime minister is very ill-informed, or he simply chooses to falsely accuse others and to tarnish their reputations. Here we have massive tax cuts, and our social programs are intact. He manipulated Canadians once again, and he will continue to use this tactic for as long as it works.

The only good thing about this behavior is that all of the Conservatives ideas seem to be getting implemented. The problem, of course, is that we never stand up at press time to thank the government publicly for implementing our policies. That would be funny. Maybe we should do a couple of tv spots with Mr. Martin telling Canadians how Conservative ideas are scary and how they will destroy what we are, then we can switch over to him taking credit for implementing the same ideas. Nothing negative about that.

How about this quote made by Mr. Martin at The Empire Club in Toronto on May 26, 2005:

“For me as Minister of Finance, balancing the budget was never an end in itself. I am not a Conservative. We worked hard as a government, a Liberal government, to get to a surplus position – so we could actually do something for Canadians; so we could make a positive difference in people’s lives”

If we take a really deep look into this quote, we were just told that the Liberals in Ottawa feel that they know how to spend our money better than we do. For us to spend our own money on what we feel is important isn’t good enough, we need the federal government to spend it for us to make “a positive difference” in our lives. To achieve a surplus for 8 consecutive years is as grossly negligent as running a deficit for that long, but to intend to overtax Canadians by design is repugnant. Do you have any idea how many families struggle under our tax rates? These guys think that they have an inherited right to our money for them to spend how they see fit. Who do they think they are?

May 31, 2004: Stephen Harper mused about forming an alliance with the Bloc should his government win a minority in the spring election. Paul Martin and Jack Layton were quick to say that they both condemn the thought of any federal government co-operating with a separatist party.

June 2, 2005, from the Liberal Party of Canada’s own web site!!
Paul Martin’s own words again:

“The person I cannot understand is Stephen Harper. He doesn’t appear to realize that his underhanded dealings with Gilles Duceppe are threatening our country’s stability.”

Then on June 23, 2005, Mr. Martin and Mr. Layton both make their own deal with these so called evil separatists who would destroy Canada, and Mr. Martin goes so far as to put it in writing and signing his name to it. Where is the media frenzy on that one? If either of them had any amount of self respect, they would phone Stephen Harper to apologize, but somehow I doubt that will happen.

To summarize, Canadians have a decision to make. They can elect this bunch back into power and claim to vote for the lesser of two evils, which itself is a ridiculous premise, or they can show some courage and vote for change. In a country like Syria, where voting for the opposition can make your children disappear, I would understand why you wouldn’t, but what Canadians are afraid of is something I just don’t get.

Here you have the words of the Liberals from their own lips. It isn’t conjecture, spin, or hype. It is fact. The words were spoken, the lies were told, and we were duped. It’s that simple.

It comes down to this. The current leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, our Prime Minister, is shamefully teaching our youth that you can win by disparaging your opponents. You can lie, deceive, or whatever else it takes to win. You can do the evil deeds yourself that you falsely accuse others of. You apparently only have to discredit your opponent to succeed. The truth does not matter because to lead the current government, you can apparently leave your values and integrity at the door. And we wonder why less than 25% of eligible young Canadians turned out to vote last year.

I hear people say that all politicians are the same, that they are all corrupt. That is a cop-out to excuse themselves from trying to effect a change. It is no more true than any other generalization. They are not all the same, just the ones we keep electing.

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