It was announced last week that the Supreme Court of Canada had set their ruling allowing the purchase of private health care insurance on hold for 12 months. This was reported with great zeal in the press, as the left gleefully claimed that national social medicine still had a chance. This is a hot topic for liberals, and has a few very important facets.

For one thing, liberals love to rule. They aren’t happy with just governing. Can you imagine the utter chaos if you were left to take care of yourself? We can’t have that now, so the government will run your healthcare. This will ensure that some people don’t receive excellent service while others do not. While this sounds great on the surface, the truth is simply that no one in our country is receiving timely care.

The most important angle is this debate, however, is purely political. It has nothing to do with compassion, health, or your quality of life. It is utterly, totally, about politics. It is about getting your vote, plain and simple. If the left can scare you with doomsday prophecies regarding a private system, you will vote Liberal. It is a proven strategy. To combat this, people like me have to do radical social surgery on people that suffer from acute liberal socialism. It is a dirty job, but I will answer the call.

While this entire column so far has been conjecture and speculation, (for those of you in college that means its what I think), there is ample proof that private medical care will not impact us negatively. Do you know how I can prove this? Easy, I just need to show you that private clinics are already here. Funny you don’t hear about them, isn’t it?

There is the Copeman Healthcare Centre, in British Columbia, the Don Mills Surgical Unit in Ontario , MD Plus Medical Clinic (Canada’s first private emergency clinic) in Quebec, the Specialist Referral Clinic in British Columbia, the Manitoba Clinic in Manitoba, and the list goes on and on. They are in all provinces, not just conservative Alberta as news reports like to point to.

These clinics are being opened by private enterprise, and also by our own healthcare professionals. They include former heads of the Ontario Medical Association, leading surgeons, and academics from our medical training universities. These medical professionals are the first to tell that the system is done. It doesn’t work, and people are dying. It is as simple as that.

When our own healthcare providers are being moved to open up private clinics out of frustration over our inept system, just what does that say? No one is advocating ridding our public system, but Canadians must be given the freedom to choose where to have their health care needs met. If I could pay a doctor for treatment to save my life, I would, regardless of the law. I sure wouldn’t go home to die waiting for my phone to ring.

It will be nice to see Scare Tactic #1 disappear.

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