United States Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has announced that she will retire. After hearing this, I found myself surfing the web to see the reaction. The liberals are in total fear mode. Not only are they incensed that George W. Bush has been filling vacancies in other appellate arenas, but now he will be able to put another person with values on the Supreme Court. This is a liberals worst nightmare.

As we in Canada know all too well, the men and women who sit on the Supreme Court of our two countries hold all of the power. It was never meant to be this way, but it has become such. For generations now, the liberal minded folk in our two countries have been using this inappropriate method to rule our heritage null and void. They have undermined our institutions and reduced our leaders to grovelers.

It is with much anticipation that I watch south, as this could be a turning point. While Justice O’Connor was considered to be a conservative judge, she did not always rule as one would have thought a brilliant Supreme Court justice would.

It is the conservative base who will now see the tide turn in their favor. Reading some of the editorials that were written yesterday, you would think that the world as the American’s know it was going to end. Let’s hope so. Let’s hope that the great nation they used to be can still be resuscitated.

I found it amusing that the editorials that appeared about this yesterday were consistent. The Supreme Court justices were grouped into two camps within the media stories, liberal and “conservative activist”. One who has watched the court for the last half century would applaud that. The court has been full of liberal activist judges, so conservative activist judges would be a delightful change. The conservative judges will have to be activists to undo the mess that has been made.

Some have written that a conservative Supreme Court will “drag us back into the 19th century.” You have to laugh. All these years, the Supreme Court has been a liberals best friend, now they are in shock and enraged. As long as the moral guidelines have been sliding left, that has been progress, but for those who feel differently and want to bring them to the right again, they will be demonized by the media. So much for tolerance. They will no doubt now insist that George W. not ‘stack’ the bench with a conservative judge. In fact, I would be expecting a major war to start over this issue. He has wavered before, let’s hope he finds some resolve with this decision. The American people elected a man with values, they expect him to appoint the same kind of person to the highest court in their land.

The right is not out to undo progress made, just the wrongs. One would hope the Supreme Court would set out to undo the wrongs that itself has done. The judicial branch of American government, like Canada’s, was never given the power to write laws, but that is in effect what it has been doing for almost 60 years, if not more.

Maybe now some of the damage that has been done can be reversed. Here’s hoping.

Now if only we could close the breach in our country.

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