Romantic Ways To Propose

Being proposed to by the man of your dreams is every girl’s wish come true. When people look back at their love stories, they always think of it as a turning point in their life. It’s not easy to find love. But when one finds it, it’s always best to hold onto it.

When couples in love talk about how and why they got married, they often blush as they speak about the proposal. This is purely because the proposal is the one point wherein the world stops if only for an instant.

The most common way to propose is going down on bended knee and holding out a diamond ring, whilst asking your guy / girl to marry you. Gone are the times when only guys were expected to pop the question. In today’s modern era even girls can proceed to propose to their guys. Here are some exciting and romantic ways to propose to someone you like:

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Romantic Ways To Propose

1. The traditional way

The traditional way to propose has always been over a dinner, some wine or champagne and a ring. And this procedure has always been considered romantic because guys choose the ideal set up for it, they hire personal musicians, ask the question during the course of the conversation or sometimes even slip the ring into their partner’s food or drink so when they find it, they know what’s happening. If you aren’t creative and don’t like to be too adventurous then this could probably be the best way to propose.

2. On a gas balloon

Anyone would enjoy a gas balloon ride over the country side. It’s slow and the balloon doesn’t fly too high up in the sky thus enabling you to see the ground below clearly. If you hire a balloon during dusk and include a bottle of champagne, some red roses and the ring, it will lighten the mood and heighten the romantic quotient. Ask your partner the question of the day when you passing through a location where you had your first date, where you first met etc to make the moment doubly special.

3. Atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Romantic Paris has been nicknamed thus because it is one of the few places on Earth fit for romantic getaways! It is the city of love and planning a proposal atop this city’s highest and most famed structure would undoubtedly make the proposal a thoroughly romantic one.

4. During your partner’s birthday party

If you so desire to marry your partner then plan a special birthday party for them and pop the question during one of the key moments of the party – like during the cake cutting session or when they are making a wish. Even better an idea is to hide the ring in the cake so your partner finds it while cutting their cake. Or, you could just draft the icing on the cake to say “Will you marry me?” instead of Happy Birthday!

5. On Facebook

Many people especially in today’s time of social media and Internet use the online medium to develop their relationships. So it’s always a good idea to explore Facebook as a way to propose to your special someone! All you have to do is post a video wherein you pop the question and tag your special one in it or write on their wall with the question!

6. While on holiday

Plan a getaway with your beau / girl and during the holiday choose a fancy diner or a quiet restaurant by the beach…Ask the management to play a romantic song and then walk up to your partner and propose when they least expect it, maybe when they are engrossed in the menu or placing an order. Better still, ask the waiter or chef to place the food items ordered in the shape of the question! For instance, if your partner has ordered a steak, the vegetables that go with it could be framed to show the question on top of the steak!

7. At a new year’s eve party

If you are in a relationship, you’ll probably be spending New Year’s Eve together. So during the party, at that specific moment when the clock hits 12:00 and you are supposed to kiss your partner, pop the question instead. The sudden question amidst the New Year’s joy will sweep them off their feet for sure.

8. Dedicate a proposal song on the radio

If your partner tunes into the radio often then plan a song dedication, maybe you can have a tie up with the radio network to play a song that you wrote. Pop the question during the song or at the end of it saying clearly WHO the song and question are meant for…if your partner is tuned in at that very moment they will be flattered for sure and will deem the entire episode as thoroughly romantic.

9. Use a speech from your partner’s favorite movie scene

Your partner is bound to have a favorite movie and a favorite proposal scene. Enact the same scene one day either at your house or theirs…your partner is sure to love you for the effort and will most certainly find it very romantic a gesture on your part.