The Supreme Court of Canada is at it again. It has once more redefined the boundaries of decency. To put it quite succinctly, it has ruled that Canada simply doesn’t have any.

When the Court ruled that the then current definition of traditional marriage was unconstitutional, most of us could see the writing on the wall. When you look at the language of the Justice who wrote that decision and put it alongside the latest decision dealing with swinger’s clubs, there is no mistaking the inevitable resting place of any kind of community standards, and that is the trash bin.

Today’s youth have been subjected to a constant barrage of infidelity, promiscuity, and casual sex wherever they turn. In the songs that they listen to, the films they choose to watch, and even on the magazine cover at the checkout in your local supermarket. It has now reached the point that most people under 40 reading this column now find absolutely nothing wrong with the latest decision of our highest court.

That would not have been the case even 10 years ago and highlights the profound shift in, and actually the complete dismissal of, the moral fibre of our nation. Today’s youth think that we, the older generation, are prudish and out of touch with our demands for chastity, fidelity, and commitment. They have never truly been taught the basic necessities that a nation needs for survival or continuity.

While many today feel enlightened, I believe as strongly as I can that history will one day trace back the steps of our culture and mark these times as the beginning of the end for western civilization. A nation cannot continue to enact laws that weaken the family unit and the moral integrity of itself, and survive. It has never been done.

It seems that our concept of what a court is and does is also changing. Our legal system was not set up to punish us. In fact, the justice system and its laws are set in place to ensure the protection of the citizens of a nation, and for the protection of the nation itself. It is for that reason that our founders felt the need to include so many restrictions on our behaviour. They knew if left to themselves, men would become victims of their own devices.

Morality laws were not simply handed down to make life dull. They were safeguards against the temptations and pitfalls that men and women are unlikely to avoid and even less likely to extract themselves from. If fact, this is the reason that God included them in scripture. That is also the reason our founders enshrined them in our justice system.

Our current leaders apparently understand not the concepts that our forefathers did. We now have men and women guiding our country who think that we are all above the temptations that our previous generations were unable to master. It seems that we are so full of ourselves that we no longer need to worry about such minor things. To their defence, they are simply cowering to the demands of a self consumed, self centered generation of people. That is why we need real leaders. Real leaders would take us down a path of safety whether we liked it or not. That is what great leaders do.

Is it my business what you choose to do behind closed doors? A huge resounding ‘No’. But it is my business what the state, which I vote for, chooses and decides to allow and condone and to convey to my future generations what is acceptable. When a government begins to remove all of the safety’s that were placed on our society for its survival, it should be the business of all of us.

Today’s generation feels that they are more enlightened than any previous. They feel that there are no risks involved, and that no one is affected by their actions, or at least that is what they claim to believe. They have discarded the sacred institution of one man and one woman, and have embraced hedonism, the famous “if it feels good, do it” philosophy, and simply do not understand that there are severe consequences for these choices that will only be felt by future generations; their children and their children’s children.

It isn’t the promiscuity and lack of morality that will sink our culture. It is this generation’s inability to understand the connection with their choices and the future of our nation that will do it.

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