The Supreme Court ruling on June 9th that struck down a Quebec law prohibiting the sale of private health care insurance has many more implications than lie on the surface. Politicians were quick to denounce the ruling as ill-considered, and physicians right across Canada applauded it. Personally, I trust my doctor a lot more than my area MP. For the first time in a long time, the Supreme Court has used the Charter of Rights to help a majority of Canadians, and in Quebec no less.

The list of governments and companies that were given intervenor status is interesting enough and speaks volumes of the potential fallout from the Quebec government being overruled.. (For those of you in college, intervenor status is given to someone who has a stake in the outcome of the proceedings.) There are Liberal senators, private medical companies of course, and the attorneys general for Ontario, New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan. You can find the complete list and theĀ Supreme Court rulingĀ online.

It is a refreshing change to see that our highest court truly does look out for its citizens from time to time, and as a staunch critic of most of this court’s decisions, this is a new development.

The Liberal government finds its power in being able to convince the people of Canada that we need them. We are brought up from the cradle to the grave being told how much the government can do for us. From that first day in the hospital to that last old age pension cheque, it is amazing how much we have been taught to depend on others. This is their biggest election ploy, and it works so well. For a liberal politician, the thought of not being able to dictate when you need to see a doctor, what he can do for you, and what your treatment will be, is absolute vexation.

Imagine if we could decide to seek medical help on our own, without the government having a hand in it? Who do we think we are? The Canadians I talk to are not afraid of a two-tiered health system. In fact, we already have one. There are private clinics all over Canada, legal or not. When a professional hockey player has a torn ligament, do you think he waits 4 months for an MRI? Have you ever seen Paul Martin in your local emergency room?

The left is now trying to scare Canadians with the thought that waiting lists will grow as more doctors leave the public system and work at private health care clinics. We have already lost hordes of fine physicians to private health care. The reason you don’t hear about that is because they have moved to other countries. They find something about charging what they are worth appealing. Wow, what a concept. We encourage our athletes to take as much cash as they think they are worth, but tell our doctors to work for what we want to pay them. Something is wrong here.

The fact that the left is starting with the fear campaign is a story unto itself. If you follow the news, you will know that this is the biggest indicator yet as to what is to come. Now that the door for private health care is open in Quebec, it will quickly spread throughout our country, just as other supreme court rulings do, and the left knows it. The only way to stop their sacred health care cause from dying is to sway public opinion, and the most effective weapon in the liberal arsenal next to division is fear. Canadians fall for it everytime.

I for one am not scared of what the future holds. I have always been able to do some research and make an informed choice, and I don’t need to have my hand held for everything. Private health care is not a bogeyman. When the change comes, I think you will be surprised at just how much it stops the hemorrhaging of our health care system.

Probably the most profound change? The liberals will no longer be able to use the dismantling of public health care card on election day. I can’t wait to see what scare tactic against the conservative party they will replace that one with. It will be nice to see at least one of the Liberal’s lies pass away.

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